Summer Fridays. 

I try to make Fridays as the field trip Day over the summer or the play date day. This Friday we went to the local splash pad and invited a few friends along as well. Kidlet loves the splash pad and has been wanting to go more and more so I thought why not. So after a few hours at the splash pad and hole for showers, reading, lunch and writing it was time for me to go to work. And that’s pretty much been the day. 

Busy day. 

Had to cook again today. What is it with summer and going through more food.  So today I made a summer salad that our friend made whilst we were in Las Vegas and we looked it. I also made a mushroom pasta sauce.  And my own trail mix do snack on. I also organized my spice draw and labeled all the slices so I can see what I have easier. 

Got a new toy

My hubby ordered me a food processor. The one thing I’ve been wanting for literally forever. So today it came and I made myself some nut butters. Keeping with the whol trying new things I made a honey peanut butter and a cashew coconut butter. I have to say they are both really easy to make but I clearly have a favorite and to be honest so do the rest of my house.

The peanut butter is good but the clear fav in my house is the cashew coconut butter. 

Trying new things. 

Today was a cooking day and I made 3 new recipes. So far the two I’ve tasted have been a big hit. Garlic roast potatoes, which is mainly for the Kidlet because Kidlet loves potatoes. Broccoli apple salad. I love and so does the Kidlet. And I also made an eggplant with cherry tomatoes thing. And the best part they are all vegetarian. 


Today I got to see Wonder Woman. It’s really good. Won’t go into details about the movie as I don’t want to ruin it for anyone still planning on seeing it and haven’t been able to yet. But I really liked. After the movie it was off to work. So this weekend has been a weekend of working, which makes up for last week ended where I was having fun. Can’t have it both ways I guess, but a live before work is a good way to chill for a bit,

Not going so well.

So it’s meant to be a new month and a great deal of doing diet and doing diet well. Not so much. I might have failed the first days of monthnso far. But there is still a cancer of changing things around. 

I didn’t get to do any exercise yesterday, what with grocery shopping and getting Kidlet sorted out so Kidlet is actually getting a structured summer. But good news grocery shopping was a success and no junk food was purchased so that’s a huge help. 

Also in a strange thing I never do. I actually planned 2 meals. Both healthy. Ones a salad that our friend made in Las Vegas and everyone loved the other is an eggplant based one. I don’t normally make meals. I tend to cook up a ton of vegetables one day and then I and my hubby use them however during the week. I tend to do a lot of just the vegetables and egg whites. 

New month re dedication 

So today is a new month and although I may have last weekend of previous month. I re dedicated to my healthy lifestyle. I already 1.7lbs of what Gained in Las Vegas.  I managed to get 15 minutes of strength training in and a 30 minute walk with the Kidlet. 

But also had a very high anxiety day as Kidlet had to go to the dentist to get the other side fixed and it didn’t go as well as last time. So that was fun. 

Totally worth it 

As you all know I just had a weekend in Las Vegas. And although it was a weekend of moving furniture we did manage to eat a ton of awesomeness amazing food so some of the best restaurants I’ve been in to a really long time. 

The scales hate me a lot right now. As gained almost 7lbs whilst out of town but it was totally worth it. Now for even more hard work to lose all of it and then some. So back to the diet today. And back to working out. I spent an hour outside doing some soccer drills and shooting practice with the kidlet. Got 20 minutes of strength training in as well. Had a ton of errands to do so didn’t get a run into. But wil try harder tomorrow.