Retro game finds.

I’m a geek and nerd as many of you know. But what you may not know is that I’m a gamer. And not just a gamer I’m a retro gamer. Which basically means I collect the old school gaming systems, that I may have grown up with. My husband is also a retro gamer so in turn we have made Kidlet a retro gamer. Kidlet loves to play the n64 and the snes. So while we were out of town we thought me might hit the retro stores and see what they had.

We may have been luck and got a few bargains. My husband’s first console was. The Atari, while mine might have been the SNES. Yeah there may be a bit of an age gap between us. So while hitting several retro/Vintage game stores in Las Vegas this weekend we found a great deal on a ton of Atari games and few items on our list as well. So this would explain the non posting for a few days due to no internet access.

Well we found some bargains and we found some over priced which is to be expected. I love the variety the stores had, managed to see some games that I haven’t seen in years. My husband lucked out way more than I did. But I can safely say we now have all the games we were looking for on the Xbox 360. I found the last game. It’s sort of rare. But not really. I mean it’s rare because of the platform we were trying to find it on. So I’m stoked. And that’s another step closer to marking things off my bucket list, such as getting all the games on my lists for each of the platforms I want.


Daily prompt

So every now and then I’ll write a post featuring the daily prompt. This is one of those posts. And today’s daily prompt is anticipate. Which I thought was quite fitting as I anticipate writing a blog post daily. I anticipate about what to write and how it would be received. Will people like it? Read it? Or hate it? I anticipate the rejection.

But then I click the publish button and it’s all to late. I sit around and anticipate the first like the first comment. Which most of the time doesn’t happen. So the anticipation wears off and I go about my daily life. But then I realize I need to write another post in a few hours. So then my anticipation starts up again. What to write today. As I’m writing this I realize my day is just in up and down roller coaster of anticipation.

Cosplay conundrum

So the local comic con is coming up and I’ve made two new cosplays for this con. One for me and one for the Kidlet. Now I’m just wondering if I’m brace enough to enter the cosplay competition that they have. The deadline is soon. So would need to decide in the next 24 hours.

I stupidly didn’t take pictures of my step by step progress of my kidlet’s cosplay. So it would have to on my Princess Leia cosplay. So I just don’t know what to do. I mean I meet the criteria for the competition. I’m just not sure I how feel about the possible “rejection” in a way. The told my cosplay looks bad. I mean I know it’s not perfect and I still have a lot to learn but I personally feel like they come out good and pretty amazing. I know my cosplays have been pretty simple ones so far. But everyone has to start somewhere right.

It’s on my bucket list to make a cosplay from scratch, all of it weapons and everything. Which I’ve done. But part of me thinks it should be a better more detailed cosplay. I don’t know I guess I’m giving myself anxiety over this so I’ll just ask should I enter the competition or not?


So I just got back from a weekend in Las Vegas. Which we go to quite often due to husbands best friend living there. But this time we some new stuff. We hit every single retro gaming store. I had a few first of trying a new Resturant that I’ve wanted to go to a while and we finally went to Mount Charleston.

We always say let’s stop by my Mount Charleston but we always seem to forget and we only remember when we are driving out of town on our way home. So we found the time to just go and do it. We didn’t spend long up there but it’s beautiful. However living in Utah it has spoilt me for mountains and I still call the ranges in utah some of the best and most beautiful that I’ve seen.

We drove to the top and hug out for a bit and then drove down to the visitors centre and picked up my usual patch and pin from where ever I go. And then headed back down into Las Vegas and resumed our usual antics of hitting retro gaming stores, hanging out by the pool, chilling with our mates and basically just having a great fun but relaxing time.


I’ve had no internet access for a few days so will make up for it with a few posts that I’ve been planning. And I have a few drafts of some stuff I’m working on. So forgive me and be excited for the next few posts.

I just needed a break from life basically. However I’ve been enjoying some family time.


So July 19th marked the day of importance in my life it was the day I become a dual national. I got my American citizenship. I kept it pretty low key to just my husband and my kid. But we tried to make a day of it.

We had to get up early to get to the location of the ceremony. And also wait around and take part in the ceremony. I warn you this post my be heavy in the pictures as I have a few really good shots of me on the day. And we all know I don’t ever post photos of me so I must think they are awesome. Like this one

After we were done with the ceremony and all the photo taking, we left Salt Lake City and went up to park city. Where we had lobster roll at the best place for lobster roll in Utah Freshies. I have to say they are amazing. Ever in Utah or Park City you have to check them out.

And that we just went home and chilled watch some Netflix as a family and had a family dinner at Nike with a few beers. Is it bad that I may have ended the day I became an American with some English beer?


I’ve been trying to post for a while now, but have been having technical issues. The WordPress app updated and hasn’t been opening for or working for me since that update about a month or so ago. And trying to write blog posts on my cell phone is kind of annoying and well hard. So now we have my writing abilities back I hope to resume the daily posts again.

Kidlet is back at school. Things have been going better is year than they were last year. So that’s good. I’ve been sewing a little and made my first prop weapon. So I’ll post that. The summer was filled with fun times and went by way to quickly. As it always does. I’m preparing for the fall and the long winter months filled with snow and snowboarding and lots more crafts, reading and all things geeky.

Since my last post. I became an American citizen. That was an amazing day with my close family filled with just a chill family time. So much to catch up on. That I will most likely forget something, also there’s so much to talk about that you will find it all way to long and boring that I should just skip over most of it.

June was uneventful. Didn’t do much Kidlet and I went on a few hikes, did a lot of sports and a few math, and reading lessons. July was heading the same way but had a few extra activities thrown in, such as gaming con and my citizenship. August was low key and trying to get back into the school routine ready for when school started. That in brief was my summer.

I’ll try and do a more detailed post on the fun stuff. This week. And I’ll try and post daily again.


I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m sorry about my lack of posting lately, and I hope I still have some readers left. It’s the summer and with Kidlet home all day it’s hard to find the time to write a post and get everything that a full time working mom needs to get done. But I’m still alive and still very much kicking. 

I finally finished off my Princess Leia belt and it looks amazing. I found some boots earlier this week at a thrift store that I think will be perfect so I just need to make some boots covers for those. Which will be another first for me.  

I’m still training for my race in September. Which I’m not sticking to a training plan per say more running as much as I can when I can. The scales like me depending on how much runnin I do and if I’m sticking to eating right, which is dependent on the week. I’m finally figuring out that 6 miles a day is my magic number and if I can run that 5 days a week and stick to my healthy eating, or at least stick to my calories then I tend to lose weight. So it’s really all down to me these days. 

Kidlet has a birthday which is fast approaching. I may try and write a post about that if I get the time, I spent Tuesday morning fixing kidlet’s my little ponies. The hair was all tangled. Kidlet inherited some of the ponies that I upset to play with as a child. We also managed to find some at the thrift store  the other day for really cheap so we got them. 

I have to tell you about my visit to the thrift store. Amazing. I neede to get shoes to go this dress that I was planning on wearing to a very important event. I’ll tell you about that soon. And I wanted to try and find boots for my Princess Leia. I also had heard that thrift store although they can be hit and miss are great places to find old retro video games, which as my regular readers know I’m a geek and i collect old video games. So I went to the local store. Not only did I find amazing shoes for my dress for $4 I got boots for $6 , two my little ponies for the kid and some butterfly wings, an old video game worth $12 for only $5 and the first Harry Potter book for only $1:50. I have to say I’m not in love with thrift stores and may need to make regular trips from now on. 

So I’ll have to writhe a post a few posts to follow up this one. Like how it fix my little ponies and the big day that happened to week. I’m also trying to find time to get my GED done as well. 

Fallen off the face of the planet. 

So I’ve broken my streak of posting everyday. I’m sorry. I kinda fell off the face of the planet for a while. Life got even more hectic than normal and I was struggling to keep my head above water so to speak. My days are crazy with Kidlet and all the things Kidlet needs and wants to do. And then you know we have all the stuff us adults have to do and work. All of sudden time for the simple things like writing a blog post just seems to disappear. 

I’m doing good. Training is going well it’s happening. The scales still hate me and I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t know what to do anymore about that. And work is going pretty good. Somcant really complain. Been trying to read a book that hasn’t been happening the same with trying to do any craft projects.  Life will get more steady as summer turns into fall. It usually does then we pick up again for the holiday season a bit. But I really wouldn’t change the chaos that my life is right now for anything. So sorry if I don’t post as much as I did a few months back. I’m just trying to be a mom and enjoy Kidlet for a while before Kidlet grows up.

Day 6 of training 

So today was meant to be a 4 miles long run but turnt into a rest day. It’s fine. Tomorrow is meant to be a rest day so I’ll just switch the 2. After a night of Sleep due to well I don’t really know how to talk about that so let’s just say silliness. I got up early with the kidlet and took kidlet to Starbucks to get my morning coffee and let the hubby sleep. After which we hit a few yard sales and I got basically brand new roller blades for less than $10. So that was my yard sale find this week. 

Then had to do the grocery shopping for the week. After that just spent the afternoon chilling and playing games with the kidlet. 

As I write this I’m currently on my way to out family night out. We are doing something that is on my bucket lid and something me and the kidlet haven’t ever done and has been about 21 years since my hubby has done this. We are hitting a drive in movie. So I’ll post about the whole  experience in my next post.