Missed a few.

I really haven’t been up to much. Just very long days at work. I’m working the next few days and long ones as it is because I have comic con this week. So be prepared for lots of nerdy geeky posts coming over the weekend.


Feeling human

I’m starting to feel normal again. My legs are somewhat behaving again and have decided to be my friend again. It’s a long road back to full fledged friendship but we have a start. They no longer scream at me with every step and managed stairs somewhat normally today.

Due to my work schedule today I didn’t manage to do my strength training or my run. But that’s only because finishing work at midnight the night before and then getting up at 6 am didn’t sound like a great idea to me. Because you know we all need sleep sometimes. So maybe tomorrow I will get those done.

Post race day 2/ comic con

Not sure if I should be doing a post race count or s count down to comic con. The thing with not being strict on your diet is that you gain some weight and can’t pull off one of your cosplays no matter how hard you try because losing over 10lbs in a week and half is unhealthy and unlikely.

You see there is one cosplay I’ve done in the past but in order to fit into I need to be in the 140’s, in order to fit into it and breathe 145 range in order to actually enjoy my time at con 142 or lower. You see the cosplay is my Harley Quinn. Which my husband loves me to do every con. But lately with my lack of health motivation I’ve just not wanted to do it. I’m almost tempted to do a second version of it just so I can be more comfortable at con. Anyone got any thoughts? Here is a picture of my current version that I have to be a certain weight to fit into.

So my goals again today, drink my water, cut out sugar, eat healthy and in calories, strength train and do couch to 5k. So 6 simple goals. Let’s see how many I get done today.

Post race recovery day 1

I guess it’s really post race recovery day 2. But as I always give myself the day off after a race to lick my wounds so to speak. I count the day after that as day one of recovery. I’m still really stiff, my legs are hating me. I had to work last night and let’s just say I had a few of the teens laughing at me. But oh well. My goals today are to drink 6 bottles of water. Strength train, do day one week one of my couch to 5k. I always do a couch to 5k after a big race to get me moving but not over do it, cut out sugar and finally eat healthy and within my calories.

So I’ve been bad with my diet lately as well, so it’s back to the watching what I eat and working out daily again. So today as part of recovery I did my strength training workout, so one goal down only 5 more to go. I also did day one week one of couch to 5k. That went pretty well actually. Even though my thighs hated me it felt go. So two goals down. Only 4 more to go. Which eating healthy should be interesting as going out with my mil today as she has been wanting to go and get lunch for a few weeks now but I’ve been way to busy to do that.

So day out with mil and we just walked around a local craft store and the local thrift store. I had recently lost a hoodie of mine and with winter coming up wanted to replace it. And I managed to find two amazing hoodies for $6 total. And my mil got me a copy of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy trilogy that they had. Which was all 5 books written by Douglas Adams. So I just need to get the last and final book of the series written by another author after Douglas Adams had died. So we went to Olive Garden for lunch and I had some soup and some salad and a few bread sticks, all of which was in my calories for the day and was basically my only meal of the day. And so far I’ve had no sugar, by sugar I mean artificial sugar such as candy, chocolate, cakes that type of thing. So basically that’s goals 5 of 6. Just got to finish my water which as I’m writing this is less than one bottle to go. So go me.

Daily prompt peculiar 

I only do the daily prompt when the daily prompt speaks to me. And today’s word is peculiar, which I felt was quite fitting as I feel that my writing and my blog in general is peculiar.

I feel it’s peculiar because I jump al over the place in terms of subjects and my writing can be endless dribble of me going on about something. Which is pretty much me anyway. Get me started on something and I will prattle on till either I’ve finished or I feel no one is listening anymore. I’m an odd sort of person. I’m shy but outgoing. I talk a lot when comfortable but in big groups I tend to be in the corner watching more than saying anything, unless someone needs to take charge and then I usually step in. Just most things about me seem peculiar until you get to know me.


The race and the rest of the day.

Lets talk about the race. Race was going good. Was on time to meet my goal or be near my pr until the last 5k. I guess right now 10 miles is about all I can run. Here’s me at the starting line.

Because after mile 9.5 my calves got really tight and on the verge of cramping just like they did for my full. And I know that’s a sign that my plantar fasciitis is starting to play up. So for that point every step running hurts. So I have to back down on the speed. And basically walk the last 5k. I finished strong and ran the last half mile admittedly on the verge of tears the whole time. But still I finished. Now to see if I can actually walk tomorrow might be good for a laugh.

On to the after race activities, which for the race I ran is always a great spread. At the finish line it’s awesome medals, wet towels and bottles of water handed to you immediately. Then walk five more steps and it’s here have some protein milk and a banana, then the phone calls start of where are you and find a place to meet. Then it’s all hugs and love sand I missed you. As we line up for a free pizza, followed by protein rich pancakes, soda and beer. All of which are free. I say free but I mean we already paid for it with our race fees so technically not free. But still awesome.

Then it was home to to mow the lawn. Oh the fun we all know how much I hate mowing the lawn. Then clean up with a steamy hot shower. Then insanity of trying to wear high heels mere hours after running a half. While we were in Las Vegas last weekend, my husband’s best friends grandma died and today was the funeral. And it’s not proper to wear sneakers or go bare foot to a funeral.

After the funeral it was hike for another wardrobe change and off to do the grocery shopping. And then finally it was home to rest. I know already it will take a few days for me to fully recover. So work the next few days will be interesting.

So it’s race day.

Today is race day. And um let’s see. I kinda forgot so it should be interesting. As I’m lying here trying to sleep as I really need to be up in less then an hour to get ready. My ride will be here in less than two, but I have a headache and my anxiety is kinda high. Life and laziness stopped me training and although I know I a, more than capable of doing this the little voice in the back of my head is telling me I can’t. I’m worried my injury will play up and it will be another long road to full health.

So I needed up just getting up and I’m drinking my usual morning coffee. Making sure I have everything I need. It’s been so long since I’ve run a race that I feel like a newbie p, and I’m sure I’ll forget something. Luckily I always go with my veteran runner friend. Who has qualified for Boston on more than one occasion. You know my dream one day.

I got one of my feet taped at the expo and I taped the other myself, could only get one free tapping. I’m also wearing my support socks. So will see how that goes. My husband the non runner said to not try for a time and to finish. He’s kinda right. But I still want to try to break a 2 hour half. Yes I’m slow I know. I’ve gotten close but that was full health and I’m still at about 80-85% health right now. So I don’t know. I want to finish in a reasonable time and not kill my feet as you know I still need to work and comic con is 2 weeks well less than really. And that’s the highlight of my year. Twice a year.

So I’ll post how it goes. This is the pre race. Nerves and the endless dribble that is me. Sorry if this post sucks. But trying to put the little voice at the back of my head in its little box. I can do this. I can’t do this. I should probably pay attention to my coffee cup more. which says with enough coffee anything is possible. This just so happens to be a picture from my first full marathon I ever ran. The other side of the cup says trust your journey. So I should just enjoy the race and have a good time? There will be other races to get the time you want?

Retro game finds.

I’m a geek and nerd as many of you know. But what you may not know is that I’m a gamer. And not just a gamer I’m a retro gamer. Which basically means I collect the old school gaming systems, that I may have grown up with. My husband is also a retro gamer so in turn we have made Kidlet a retro gamer. Kidlet loves to play the n64 and the snes. So while we were out of town we thought me might hit the retro stores and see what they had.

We may have been luck and got a few bargains. My husband’s first console was. The Atari, while mine might have been the SNES. Yeah there may be a bit of an age gap between us. So while hitting several retro/Vintage game stores in Las Vegas this weekend we found a great deal on a ton of Atari games and few items on our list as well. So this would explain the non posting for a few days due to no internet access.

Well we found some bargains and we found some over priced which is to be expected. I love the variety the stores had, managed to see some games that I haven’t seen in years. My husband lucked out way more than I did. But I can safely say we now have all the games we were looking for on the Xbox 360. I found the last game. It’s sort of rare. But not really. I mean it’s rare because of the platform we were trying to find it on. So I’m stoked. And that’s another step closer to marking things off my bucket list, such as getting all the games on my lists for each of the platforms I want.

Daily prompt

So every now and then I’ll write a post featuring the daily prompt. This is one of those posts. And today’s daily prompt is anticipate. Which I thought was quite fitting as I anticipate writing a blog post daily. I anticipate about what to write and how it would be received. Will people like it? Read it? Or hate it? I anticipate the rejection.

But then I click the publish button and it’s all to late. I sit around and anticipate the first like the first comment. Which most of the time doesn’t happen. So the anticipation wears off and I go about my daily life. But then I realize I need to write another post in a few hours. So then my anticipation starts up again. What to write today. As I’m writing this I realize my day is just in up and down roller coaster of anticipation.


Cosplay conundrum

So the local comic con is coming up and I’ve made two new cosplays for this con. One for me and one for the Kidlet. Now I’m just wondering if I’m brace enough to enter the cosplay competition that they have. The deadline is soon. So would need to decide in the next 24 hours.

I stupidly didn’t take pictures of my step by step progress of my kidlet’s cosplay. So it would have to on my Princess Leia cosplay. So I just don’t know what to do. I mean I meet the criteria for the competition. I’m just not sure I how feel about the possible “rejection” in a way. The told my cosplay looks bad. I mean I know it’s not perfect and I still have a lot to learn but I personally feel like they come out good and pretty amazing. I know my cosplays have been pretty simple ones so far. But everyone has to start somewhere right.

It’s on my bucket list to make a cosplay from scratch, all of it weapons and everything. Which I’ve done. But part of me thinks it should be a better more detailed cosplay. I don’t know I guess I’m giving myself anxiety over this so I’ll just ask should I enter the competition or not?