Life has been hectic to say the least. I stopped blogging because I needed to focus some energy on me for a while. I’m sorry. Life was getting more crazy then normal I felt like my posts were lacking. And that just wasn’t fair to you. I guess if I have any readers left by now. I’m going to try and take a page out of a blog that I follow. The Nerdy Lion. And try and do a post a week.

It’s quality not quantity that matters to me. I have a ton of stuff to catch up on, like comic con back in September, the 12 days of cookies over December. And I should probably be open and honest about my struggle lately tryin got function and pretend I don’t have depression going on when I really do.

Life gets wild from time to time. Coping with everyday low self esteem, anxiety and depression is hard. Then life throws you curve balls and you have to do your best to just keep going. Which I do. Just sometimes I have to stop blogging for a while and I’m sorry. So here’s to new beginnings and second chances. Well in my case third and fourth chances with some of you.

This week has been crazy. Kidlet wanting attention more than usual working full time, trying to get my GED, and dealing with some stuff that I can’t talk about just yet. But hopefully soon. I graduated high school back in the UK but it was too many years ago for me to remember anything and I’m having problems getting my transcripts so I decided to start taking my GED as a refresher so that one day I can maybe go to college and get a degree. It’s something that’s on my bucket list but I just don’t know what to get in yet. I suck at maths big time, so getting my GED may take me a little longer than I was hoping but I will get it done. Hopefully this year. But the big important thing is that I’m still here and still surviving, and I really do appreciate all of you that take the time to read this blog it means more to me than you’ll ever know.


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