So it’s race day.

Today is race day. And um let’s see. I kinda forgot so it should be interesting. As I’m lying here trying to sleep as I really need to be up in less then an hour to get ready. My ride will be here in less than two, but I have a headache and my anxiety is kinda high. Life and laziness stopped me training and although I know I a, more than capable of doing this the little voice in the back of my head is telling me I can’t. I’m worried my injury will play up and it will be another long road to full health.

So I needed up just getting up and I’m drinking my usual morning coffee. Making sure I have everything I need. It’s been so long since I’ve run a race that I feel like a newbie p, and I’m sure I’ll forget something. Luckily I always go with my veteran runner friend. Who has qualified for Boston on more than one occasion. You know my dream one day.

I got one of my feet taped at the expo and I taped the other myself, could only get one free tapping. I’m also wearing my support socks. So will see how that goes. My husband the non runner said to not try for a time and to finish. He’s kinda right. But I still want to try to break a 2 hour half. Yes I’m slow I know. I’ve gotten close but that was full health and I’m still at about 80-85% health right now. So I don’t know. I want to finish in a reasonable time and not kill my feet as you know I still need to work and comic con is 2 weeks well less than really. And that’s the highlight of my year. Twice a year.

So I’ll post how it goes. This is the pre race. Nerves and the endless dribble that is me. Sorry if this post sucks. But trying to put the little voice at the back of my head in its little box. I can do this. I can’t do this. I should probably pay attention to my coffee cup more. which says with enough coffee anything is possible. This just so happens to be a picture from my first full marathon I ever ran. The other side of the cup says trust your journey. So I should just enjoy the race and have a good time? There will be other races to get the time you want?


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