Retro game finds.

I’m a geek and nerd as many of you know. But what you may not know is that I’m a gamer. And not just a gamer I’m a retro gamer. Which basically means I collect the old school gaming systems, that I may have grown up with. My husband is also a retro gamer so in turn we have made Kidlet a retro gamer. Kidlet loves to play the n64 and the snes. So while we were out of town we thought me might hit the retro stores and see what they had.

We may have been luck and got a few bargains. My husband’s first console was. The Atari, while mine might have been the SNES. Yeah there may be a bit of an age gap between us. So while hitting several retro/Vintage game stores in Las Vegas this weekend we found a great deal on a ton of Atari games and few items on our list as well. So this would explain the non posting for a few days due to no internet access.

Well we found some bargains and we found some over priced which is to be expected. I love the variety the stores had, managed to see some games that I haven’t seen in years. My husband lucked out way more than I did. But I can safely say we now have all the games we were looking for on the Xbox 360. I found the last game. It’s sort of rare. But not really. I mean it’s rare because of the platform we were trying to find it on. So I’m stoked. And that’s another step closer to marking things off my bucket list, such as getting all the games on my lists for each of the platforms I want.


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