I’ve been trying to post for a while now, but have been having technical issues. The WordPress app updated and hasn’t been opening for or working for me since that update about a month or so ago. And trying to write blog posts on my cell phone is kind of annoying and well hard. So now we have my writing abilities back I hope to resume the daily posts again.

Kidlet is back at school. Things have been going better is year than they were last year. So that’s good. I’ve been sewing a little and made my first prop weapon. So I’ll post that. The summer was filled with fun times and went by way to quickly. As it always does. I’m preparing for the fall and the long winter months filled with snow and snowboarding and lots more crafts, reading and all things geeky.

Since my last post. I became an American citizen. That was an amazing day with my close family filled with just a chill family time. So much to catch up on. That I will most likely forget something, also there’s so much to talk about that you will find it all way to long and boring that I should just skip over most of it.

June was uneventful. Didn’t do much Kidlet and I went on a few hikes, did a lot of sports and a few math, and reading lessons. July was heading the same way but had a few extra activities thrown in, such as gaming con and my citizenship. August was low key and trying to get back into the school routine ready for when school started. That in brief was my summer.

I’ll try and do a more detailed post on the fun stuff. This week. And I’ll try and post daily again.


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