Day 6 of training 

So today was meant to be a 4 miles long run but turnt into a rest day. It’s fine. Tomorrow is meant to be a rest day so I’ll just switch the 2. After a night of Sleep due to well I don’t really know how to talk about that so let’s just say silliness. I got up early with the kidlet and took kidlet to Starbucks to get my morning coffee and let the hubby sleep. After which we hit a few yard sales and I got basically brand new roller blades for less than $10. So that was my yard sale find this week. 

Then had to do the grocery shopping for the week. After that just spent the afternoon chilling and playing games with the kidlet. 

As I write this I’m currently on my way to out family night out. We are doing something that is on my bucket lid and something me and the kidlet haven’t ever done and has been about 21 years since my hubby has done this. We are hitting a drive in movie. So I’ll post about the whole  experience in my next post. 


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