Day 5 of training. 

So today was a cross training day. I was only meant to do 30 mins of cross training but needed up doing a lot more. As some of you know I live in Utah, and in Utah we have letters on the sides of some of the mountains, I live near some of them but the closet is the letter “G”. Kidlet has begging to go hike to the “G” for a while now so as I had the day off and thought hiking was a good cross training why not. So here is the start of the trail. I have to admit it’s a little steep and dirt path with some lose gravel in parts but Kidlet did really well. And asked to go again. Only had to carry him for a little bit when he fell and hurt his knee. But that only lasted maybe 200 ft and then he was up and running again so to speak. 

I had a lot of fun and the views are really good. 

This was only a little up from the start and the view is really awesome. The “G” I thought was made of chalk like the painting in the hillsides in the U.K. But it’s more like a fencing. 

We saw lots of wildlife kn our hike, several butterflies, a lizard and I think I might have heard a snake but not sure. 

And as a treat as I haven’t posted a pic of me for while here’s the one I took on a rest break for the Kidlet. 

If the help ke wasn’t enough I also managed to mow the lawn all by myself today which I shouldn’t complain about as it’s 3 months into the mowing season and it’s the first time I’ve done the whole yard this season. 


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