Yard sale finds

I don’t normally go to yard sales, even though I really quite like going and seeing if I can find any treasures. But as I was asked to help a friends out with her daughters yard sale I thought I’d see if any of the local sales had anything good. So after a very early morning after a very late night of work. I dragged hubby and Kidlet around to a few yard sales. We struck out a lot on most things as we tend to look for a few console games mainly. 

But I managed to find this beauty. Something my brother tried to make when I was a kid, but his was plaster of Paris and Snow White and the 8 dwarves in his case. The one I found was a little more of a classic. And I was just mentioning to my hubby the other day that I wish we had a chess set as I’d love to get better again. Having not played since middle school.  It’s a great place to start and maybe one day I’ll get the time to make a table just like it with a fancy set. But this works out great in the mean time. 


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