Not going so well.

So it’s meant to be a new month and a great deal of doing diet and doing diet well. Not so much. I might have failed the first days of monthnso far. But there is still a cancer of changing things around. 

I didn’t get to do any exercise yesterday, what with grocery shopping and getting Kidlet sorted out so Kidlet is actually getting a structured summer. But good news grocery shopping was a success and no junk food was purchased so that’s a huge help. 

Also in a strange thing I never do. I actually planned 2 meals. Both healthy. Ones a salad that our friend made in Las Vegas and everyone loved the other is an eggplant based one. I don’t normally make meals. I tend to cook up a ton of vegetables one day and then I and my hubby use them however during the week. I tend to do a lot of just the vegetables and egg whites. 


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