Fallen off the face of the planet. 

So I’ve broken my streak of posting everyday. I’m sorry. I kinda fell off the face of the planet for a while. Life got even more hectic than normal and I was struggling to keep my head above water so to speak. My days are crazy with Kidlet and all the things Kidlet needs and wants to do. And then you know we have all the stuff us adults have to do and work. All of sudden time for the simple things like writing a blog post just seems to disappear.

I’m doing good. Training is going well it’s happening. The scales still hate me and I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t know what to do anymore about that. And work is going pretty good. Somcant really complain. Been trying to read a book that hasn’t been happening the same with trying to do any craft projects.  Life will get more steady as summer turns into fall. It usually does then we pick up again for the holiday season a bit. But I really wouldn’t change the chaos that my life is right now for anything. So sorry if I don’t post as much as I did a few months back. I’m just trying to be a mom and enjoy Kidlet for a while before Kidlet grows up.


Day 6 of training 

So today was meant to be a 4 miles long run but turnt into a rest day. It’s fine. Tomorrow is meant to be a rest day so I’ll just switch the 2. After a night of Sleep due to well I don’t really know how to talk about that so let’s just say silliness. I got up early with the kidlet and took kidlet to Starbucks to get my morning coffee and let the hubby sleep. After which we hit a few yard sales and I got basically brand new roller blades for less than $10. So that was my yard sale find this week. 

Then had to do the grocery shopping for the week. After that just spent the afternoon chilling and playing games with the kidlet. 

As I write this I’m currently on my way to out family night out. We are doing something that is on my bucket lid and something me and the kidlet haven’t ever done and has been about 21 years since my hubby has done this. We are hitting a drive in movie. So I’ll post about the whole  experience in my next post. 

Day 5 of training. 

So today was a cross training day. I was only meant to do 30 mins of cross training but needed up doing a lot more. As some of you know I live in Utah, and in Utah we have letters on the sides of some of the mountains, I live near some of them but the closet is the letter “G”. Kidlet has begging to go hike to the “G” for a while now so as I had the day off and thought hiking was a good cross training why not. So here is the start of the trail. I have to admit it’s a little steep and dirt path with some lose gravel in parts but Kidlet did really well. And asked to go again. Only had to carry him for a little bit when he fell and hurt his knee. But that only lasted maybe 200 ft and then he was up and running again so to speak. 

I had a lot of fun and the views are really good. 

This was only a little up from the start and the view is really awesome. The “G” I thought was made of chalk like the painting in the hillsides in the U.K. But it’s more like a fencing. 

We saw lots of wildlife kn our hike, several butterflies, a lizard and I think I might have heard a snake but not sure. 

And as a treat as I haven’t posted a pic of me for while here’s the one I took on a rest break for the Kidlet. 

If the help ke wasn’t enough I also managed to mow the lawn all by myself today which I shouldn’t complain about as it’s 3 months into the mowing season and it’s the first time I’ve done the whole yard this season. 

Day four of training 

Today is rest day and very much needed. My engery levels have to been dropping for over a year and today was crash day. I’ve been a vegetarian since April 2016. I made the choice because the smell and look of meat was making feel like I wanted to hurl. But today my hubby made me eat meat, as he knows that when I have a lot of protein in my diet I do better. And surprise I’m doing a little better. So looks like I might be having a lack of protein issue. Which afffrcts my training. So here’s the dilemma. Do I try and continue eating meat because I know it helps with my life in general being better? Or stay with being a vegetarian and being tired all the time? 

Day three of training

Day three is another 3 mile run. Which went pretty well. On the treadmill as most of my runs are on the treadmill. Sticking to my diet right now as well which is making the scales move in little in a good way. So hopefully this will keep up. Sorry I haven’t posting at the regular times like I have been in the past. Life is a little hectic right now. With Kidlet off school and work full time and now training. 

Playing with my new toy. 

So as you know I got a food processor the other day. So I’ve been looking for recipes so I can play with my new toy. I also have a ton of Greek yogurt in my fridge that I end to use up. So I stumbled across a recipe that would allow me to use both so it was a double hit for me to give it a try. Frozen yogurt. Really simple to make and the possibilities seem endless. The recipe I found was for strawberry but I’m sure you can do any frozen fruit you wanted. I may try different variations in the up coming days. But the strawberry version was pretty good. And my kid liked it so that’s even better. 

Yard sale finds

I don’t normally go to yard sales, even though I really quite like going and seeing if I can find any treasures. But as I was asked to help a friends out with her daughters yard sale I thought I’d see if any of the local sales had anything good. So after a very early morning after a very late night of work. I dragged hubby and Kidlet around to a few yard sales. We struck out a lot on most things as we tend to look for a few console games mainly. 

But I managed to find this beauty. Something my brother tried to make when I was a kid, but his was plaster of Paris and Snow White and the 8 dwarves in his case. The one I found was a little more of a classic. And I was just mentioning to my hubby the other day that I wish we had a chess set as I’d love to get better again. Having not played since middle school.  It’s a great place to start and maybe one day I’ll get the time to make a table just like it with a fancy set. But this works out great in the mean time. 

Summer Fridays. 

I try to make Fridays as the field trip Day over the summer or the play date day. This Friday we went to the local splash pad and invited a few friends along as well. Kidlet loves the splash pad and has been wanting to go more and more so I thought why not. So after a few hours at the splash pad and hole for showers, reading, lunch and writing it was time for me to go to work. And that’s pretty much been the day.