Still going down.

Only half a lb down but that’s still going in the right direction. It’s about 3-4 days of counting calories when the hunger sets in and I really just want to eat and eat and eat. But I need to continue being strong and sticking to it. What’s hunger anyway. I just try to drink a ton more water than I usually do if I really get hungry. So far so good. Still sticking to my calorie allowance. And ran 2 miles today. My injury is a little more noticeable these days so trying to take it easy for a bit. But still getting a little working out done. 


3 thoughts on “Still going down.

  1. Well done? I’d be happy with half just now! I’m starting my weeks well, also counting calories, but as the week progresses & I get more tired my choices get worse and I ruin all the good from the start of the week! Keep strong 💙

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    1. It’s hard. I tend to set a protein and fiber goal and go with that which tends to give me a lot of food for every little calories. Also I’m vegetarian. I work in the food industry and in my position I get free food but I try to take my own food so I’m not tempted. Also I try to not have any treats in the house which is hard with kidlet.

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