Sometimes I give up 

So Friday was a busy day for me. I strength trained for 10 mins and then ran 5 miles. I also cleaned out my gutter, got up in my roof and cleaned the roof off and helped mow the lawn and yet the scales didn’t change. I didn’t lose a single lb. it’s days like that that I really wonder why I bother. 

I mean how is a girl meant to lose weight when everything she does doesn’t make a difference. I mean short of making sure I leave everything out of my diet and survive on only water I don’t know what else to do these days. 


4 thoughts on “Sometimes I give up 

  1. I’ve been injured since about September last year so it’s stopped me doing the mileage I’m used to. Getting back into it but don’t want to push it to much yet. So here’s to hoping. Thanks for the encouragement. It’s easy to make excuses. Which is part of the reason I post about my struggle on here. As you guys tend to keep me accountable.


      1. Well keep at it EJ. I am finding that as I get older the pounds add on easier. Ugh. But I’m tryin to focus on getting out and finding exercise I like. I just started riding my bike. It feels so free! Good days will come again…

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