I had a post all lined up to be published yesterday. Or so I thought. Ut I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Not in drafts, not published, not scheduled and not in the trash. So who knows what happened to it. So here’s a little make up post. 

Son I’ve been doing a little bit of strength training this week. Managed to get up to 20 minutes. Still a work in progress. Enjoying getting my workouts in while I still can. Over the summer it gets a little bit more difficult when Kidlet is home for the summer, sometimes Kidlet likes to join in, sometimes not sometimes it’s all mom mom mom I need this or I need this. But I wouldn’t trade being a mom in for anything in the world. I did also managed to run 5 miles. Which is a huge task for me these days. Felt great. Felt like I could go further but still not wanting to push my injury to much yet.  So fitness is all going well. The scales still hate me. Maybe I’m stressing about it way to much, but still would love to lose the 10 lbs I’ve gained from somewhere. In fact would really like to lose a bit more than the 10lbs but let’s just start with that. 


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