Mother’s Day 2017

This weekend we had Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day usually brings about a lot of mixed emotions for me. Growing up never got on with my so called mum, and the years of abuse I got from her didn’t help. So growing up I always wondered why I needed to celebrate someone who made it obvious she didn’t love me. Then I got married. 

As soon as I got married I wanted to have childeren, but unfortunately we it took us a few years before we did. So for the first few years of my marriage I dreaded Mother’s Day because it was the one thing I wanted to become more than anything. Now I like Mother’s Day just purely because it’s a day I get to chil and spend some quality time with my Kidlet and my hubby. 

This year was low key and I really enjoyed it. I had the day off work. Kidlet had made a necklace at school with kidlet’s picture on it and on the back wrote I love you mommy. Which is so adorable. Then Kidlet couldn’t wait to give me my present and card so I got them Saturday evening. Kidlet had picked out a charm for my charm bracelet. 

As you can see I also have so,e Star Wars heads and charms that both Kidlet and hubby had picked out for Christmas and the nice blue bead is a frozen bead picked out by Kidlet.

And my hubby got me these. As he gave it to me he said I can wear it with my Princess Leia. Which is true I can. 

We went out for breakfast, went to see guardians of the galaxy vol 2 and also went out for dinner. I might have been able to play a few video games in there as well. It was just a nice chill day, 


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