Facing fears. 

So today is interesting. Kidlet has the dentist. Which even when I take Kidlet in for check ups I’m sitting there trying to look calm and composed so Kidlet has a great experience and doesn’t get scared, while inside I’m trying so hard not to have a breakdown. I like too say I have a pathological fear of the dentist. But I don’t know if that’s the correct term and I’m sure some psychologists or even a dentist would correct me. But for me it’s a real thing. Even calling the dentist office and I’m in tears uncontrollable tears, of fear and I’m having a panic attack. But Kidlet needs to have some dental work done. So it’s going to be really interesting, keeping Kidlet calm and myself in check. 

I know exactly what I hate the dentist. I don’t trust I’m I think all of them are going to do what happened to me when I was younger. Most people don’t get it. They can’t understand why I hate the dentist to that degree. I mean they get that because of what happened I don’t like it but to the extent that I fear they really can’t understand. 


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