Following for the sake of following. 

I love each and everyone that follows my blog. I love the excitement I get each and everytime someone likes,follows or comments on my blog. It brings me joy to know that people like my randomness and relate to me on a virtual level. 

But I have a question. Do we follow blogs for the sake of just following them because they followed us or do we follow blogs that we actually enjoy.  You see I’m starting to expand and read and like and follow a lot more post and blogs these days. But I set myself a few guidelines because I personally feel it’s important to not just follow because they follow you.  My guidelines are pretty simple. I have to like at least 3 posts on the blog, and it needs to be about subjects that I’m interested in even if it’s just a little because I feel it will help me learn more about the subject or if people seem really fascinating in the blog. But again the big number one rule must like at least 3 posts written by them or that are on the blog.  I try not to follow for the sake of following. Yes it helps gets your blog out there and some people are only interested in numbers. By numbers I mean having the most followers,likes ,views stuff like that. Trust me it’s great. I love all these things as well and as you know I sometimes wish I had more of these but I’d rather have loyal followers who love the writing I do. 

How do you decide who to follow and who not to follow? 


7 thoughts on “Following for the sake of following. 

  1. I’m new to this blogging thing! I want to read more people’s posts, and “get to know” who I follow. It has to be someone I like, and find interesting, and they have to be normal, down to earth people who make sense to me. That’s what I look for at the moment anyway 💙

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