So as some of you know my Kidlet asked me for a garden and as you also know I pretty much kill all living plants. But some of you encouraged me to try so I’m trying again. Mainly because Kidlet keeps asking and also Kidlet came home form school on Friday with carrot seeds that Kidlet had planted at school.p and want some to help grow. Most likely will die. But will see. So I’m still planning on planting some flower seeds when I have an empty egg carton or two. But I saw a video on Facebook about growing items from your kitchen. And being a vegetarian that I am I thought I have some of these around so let’s give it a go. So today I tried to plant strawberries and raspberries. When I get some more tomatoes I’ll try them. I currently have an avocado in my fridge but I’m not sure if I should give that a try or not. I’ve alsways wanted a little window box herb garden but don’t know how to get that started. So maybe one day I can have a little herb garden on kitchen counter. I collected all this little glass jars once to do the herb garden in. But never started it. 


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