For some reason the past few days I can’t get the thought out of my head that my blog sucks. So when I saw the daily prompt was better this post came to mind. How to make my blog better. I know this isn’t true, that my blog sucks. But it’s that little dark voice in the back of my head that no matter how much to tell it to be quite it won’t. My insecurities about my blog for some reason are about not being popular. Which is stupid because I write my blog for me. I have a few reasons why I wrote my blog. To start with it’s my randomness my weirdness my way of being me without being me. Writing has always helped me in many ways and although imot the best writer in world nor will I ever be I write what’s in my head and what relates to me. I also just write this because I like to. It’s sort of a way of keeping track of things that happen or events that don’t mean a lot at the time but when you look back you realize that they did. Or a way of just sending myself out into the universe and seeing what I get back in return. 

I’ve read the tips on how to get more followers and more likes and such and I’ve tried. And for me it doesn’t really work, I guess it’s because my blog really is way to random. It’s not really about one particular subject. It changes depending on what I’m up to or what I’m in the mood for. Most people like blogs about subjects. I don’t really have that. So while I’m over here loving each and everyone who follows my blog and puts up with randomness I love that you put up with me and I get why my little blog will always be a little blog. And you know what that’s ok. I just need to remind myself about that from time to time. 


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