So here’s my post:

There’s so many different types of lifestyles. And yet not a single one is perfect for everyone. Some people like the geek life and the nerd life some like the active life, some like the luxury life and some struggle to make it every day. And yet I find this amassing. How we can all have a different lifestyle and yet all find ways to for sometimes the good and sometimes the bad be ok with the different lifestyles that people have. 

For me I don’t have just one type of lifestyle I have many that make up me and my lifestyle. I’m a geek and nerd and I guess in a way very proud of it. As some of you will know form my regular posts. But I’m also about being active and healthy when I can. As someone who has struggled with my weight in the past I understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. But then I also try to be open about my depression and my anxiety and how I deal with those and that’s an aspects in my life as how my lifestyle effects all this things in my life.


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