Today’s daily prompt is panicked and it’s really quite fitting for me today. I’m majorly panicked today I have high anxiety levels and I don’t see the end at all today. I’m panicked because today is a big day for me and I’m hoping it will be a successful . Today is Star Wars night at my work. And I’ve been doing everything I can to network and get as many people interested in coming to the event as possible.  I’m really hoping for a big turn out. So I have that to deal with. Today is also another really big day at work as we have a big visit from corporate and they are checking everything. So I’m panicked about that as well. A lot of the stuff they look at during there visit is stuff I’m in charge of and although when I took over the position not much was in place and there was a lot to get set up I’m slowly getting it done but not fast enough. I’m also the only one doing it so it all falls on me. I do need to set up a team to help me as there is meant to be a team working on all the stuff I need to do to make sure it is getting done all the time. And my way of staying calm is to down cafifne all the time as it helps not make me hyper. 


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