Break from the norm. 

So although my Princess Leia isn’t finished we are taking a break from it as I really can’t do anymore until I get some more parts to finish it. So I’m going back for a few days to my fitness. I’ve still been trying to run and get back into the swing of all my fitness that I used to have before my foot injury. I’ve gained a few pounds and haven’t liked it. So this week I’m cutting out cheese. A big culprit of mine. I’ve also trying to set an fiber and protein goal for my food intake. I did this for a while back around the fall last year and I felt like it really helped me with my eating and maintaining the weight I was back then. 

So right now I’ve gone two days without cheese and I’m feeling pretty good. And I’ve been sticking to my eating goals as well. On Monday I did strength training for 10 minutes, which I know isn’t a ton but I’ve never really liked strength training I bear with it as I need to do to be a better runner. Also as it was pretty much the first time of doing strength training this year I want to ease back into it. I’m still working on my running and although I haven’t done my couch to 5k for a few days I did run a 1.5 miles on Monday and 2 miles today just to see how my foot is doing. I will be going back to my couch to 5k program tomorrow. As always I’m drinking a ton of water. I set a biggest loser goal with my hubby the other day. To see which one of us can lose as much weight as we can this month. He loses weight really quickly as he has a lot more to lose than me. So I know I’m not going to win this one. But I did this because when we are both dedicated to eating better we both help each other out more. And as I’m trying to be good all this month to lose weight and work out I thought why not get my hubby on board as well. So here’s to seeing how much weight I can lose this month to get back down to where I was when I was running 6-7 miles a day about a year ago. 


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