Princess Leia chronicles day 7

So actually started working on the belt yesterday. I still need to hem and out the elastic in the dress to make that iconic shape. But felt that I would get the elastic lined up better if I knew where the belt would be sitting. As you I’ve been getting my basic information from a blog that I linked to in day 4. I’ve then been changing it to my skills. This is going to be same. As the person made her belt using leather. I’ve made anything out of leather and would even know where to start. So I’ve got an idea of how I want to make the belt and I guess we will just see how it turns out. I knew the length I wanted to make the belt as it needs to over lap a little as it’s done up by snaps. But drawing it I couldn’t get the shape correct. So I draw up and cut of the plates that go on the belt. 

So I layed these out and then folded some paper in half and taped together so I could make a pattern for the belt that was in half and then unfold it to have the full size. 

So  then cut out the plate out of craft foam that I had laying around. My plan is to cover them with silver fabric to make them look like the plates on the actual belt. And to also use cover buttons as the round bits in the middle. So funny thing. I went to the local craft store today to get a few things so I could work on the belt and the girl ringing me up as asking what costume I’m making now. Must be a cosplayer when the local store knows you. I cut the full length belt out of the foam just in case I have to use that. So I managed to get the interfacing cut out. Here’s a picture of the interfacing with the foam shapes layed out on it. 


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