Totally worth it 

As you all know I just had a weekend in Las Vegas. And although it was a weekend of moving furniture we did manage to eat a ton of awesomeness amazing food so some of the best restaurants I’ve been in to a really long time. 

The scales hate me a lot right now. As gained almost 7lbs whilst out of town but it was totally worth it. Now for even more hard work to lose all of it and then some. So back to the diet today. And back to working out. I spent an hour outside doing some soccer drills and shooting practice with the kidlet. Got 20 minutes of strength training in as well. Had a ton of errands to do so didn’t get a run into. But wil try harder tomorrow.  


It’s been a long week followed by an even longer weekend 

The last week has been a long week of little sleep, working out when I can, doing everything I can to eat healthy (which is easier said than done) and working. 

As you all know I love my job. But I had to take some time off this weekend to go to Las Vegas. No this wasn’t a fun trip it was a helping hubby’s best mate move trip. So I did my full time hours over 4 days longish days, got the Kidlet sorted out for the last week of kindergarten and got everything ready for the trip. 

I love Las Vegas. The weather, the atmosphere. I really like it down there and the company we have down there. Well it can’t be beat.  I love to say that I survived because I did and I always will. But man I could do with some sleep because energy drinks only get you so far when it’s all non stop like that. 

I broke my rule 

So you know how I have this rule about not starting new projects until I finish the one I’m on. Yeah I broke that. As you all know I have to finish my Princess Leia belt and I need to go gets so,e parts for that. Well while I’m waiting for parts for that I needed something to do so I may have started a new project. Or maybe two. To be fair one I’m trying to do for my hubby for Father’s Day. And the other one is taking part a blanket I tried to crochet but failed at and yarn into a a knitted blanket or two. 

So here’s a pic of a bit of the project I’m working on for the Father’s Day gift. 

Biggest racing day of the year. 

It’s Memorial Day weekend which means car racing and lots of it. I grew up watching formula one and kinda liked it but it has grown on me over the years. I moved to American and my hubby introduced me to Indy. Which I have to say is probably my fav, and then there is NASCAR. I get why people like it but personally not my to my taste. 

But I wander. Memorial Day weekend has all the three divisions I like racing on one day basically back to back, so I get my fix of car racing and hang out with some amazing people who also love racing. It’s kinda like game day or the Super Bowl that’s better but for car racing. 

Just want to scream 

You ever have those weeks were you just want to scream at the top of your lungs to get all the frustrations out. That’s this week. I can’t go into details, but let’s just say it’s been a really long week of  the world digging at me and everything and anything can go wrong will go wrong,and I can’t wait for it to be over. 

I’m ok, I’ll be ok. Just needed to vent, sorry people. Soon it’s a new week and it will be a great week. 

End of the school year. 

So the Kidlet finished kindergarten yesterday, and is now firmly on the way to first grade. I’ve got lots of sports and academics planned for over the summer is it’s going to be a busy one. But Kidlet loves to be active and have things to do so it’s going to be fun, exciting and little scary trying to keep the electronics away. But I’m sure we sort it all out. 

Still going down.

Only half a lb down but that’s still going in the right direction. It’s about 3-4 days of counting calories when the hunger sets in and I really just want to eat and eat and eat. But I need to continue being strong and sticking to it. What’s hunger anyway. I just try to drink a ton more water than I usually do if I really get hungry. So far so good. Still sticking to my calorie allowance. And ran 2 miles today. My injury is a little more noticeable these days so trying to take it easy for a bit. But still getting a little working out done. 

Counting calories. 

So as you know I’m trying really hard to stick to my calories for the day. So far I’ve managed two days and I even lost another lb since yesterday. The hard part for me is sugar. I have a sweet tooth but I know when I eat sugar I gain weight so cutting it out is for the best just right now it sucks. But what is it they say. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And if I can stay off sugar than I know I’ll be stronger.