Princess Leia chronicles day 6

Today is the day I start on the collar hood of the dress. I started out by cutting out the collar. I did mine twice so it can be the same thickness as the rest of the dress also that way it’s a little stiff so acts like a collar. I’m almost tempted to put some interfacing in it as well a I have a ton laying around from when I made my Rey cosplay. 

I also cut of the hood, 

After cutting out the hood the long edges need hemming. So roll the edges and stitch them. After doing the seams on the hood you need to do really big stitches on the un sewn edges so that you can pull the string and gather them in so it sort of look like this. 

It needs to be gathered enough so that one edge lines up with the mid shoulder and the other edge lines up with the keyhole opening. This would be a lot easier to pin on a body form but I don’t have one so ipthis is where it gets tricky. FYI the longer curve is the front of the hood. After you’ve inner the hood on pin the collar on and sew it all at once. Press it if you think it needs pressing and then put a hook and eye on the back of the collar. Then hem the dress. I’ll be hemming it tomorrow and also putting the hook and eye on tomorrow. Then I get to Star the belt the dres isn’t finished but I need the belt to do the last bit of the dress. Of course this took me forever because I pinned it perfectly thought I’d pinned it to the wrong side of the dress. Unpinned it turned the dress inside out. Re pinned it then realized I was correct the first time so had to redo it all again.  But like I said I’ll tell you everytime I screw up because I’m still learning. 


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