Princes Leia chronicles day 5 

Today is the day to do the keyhole. So I’m thinking I’m going to do a 6 inch keyhole, because the girl who did the pattern that I’m attempting to follow did a 5 inch keyhole. And she’s a little shorter than me. The link to her better instructions are in chronicles day 4. So I cut the keyhole and then stay stitched the neckline to try and stop it stretching out, which is common for necklines if they are not secured. I also pined the seam allowance of the keyhole to the inside of each sid elf the keyhole and will sew them together adding a little extra stitching at the bottom of the keyhole to ensure that the bottom doesn’t stretch out or gets damaged and stays looking like a finished seam. 

Now the side seams turn to be done. Make sure the seams are on the inside. Your meant to them like the sleeves with the invisible seams. But as you all know I couldn’t figure this out for the sleeves so I’m going to make my life easier and do it the same way I did for the sleeves to save myself the stress. 

I’ve done one side seams, at least pinned it. This is taking longer than I thought. But I did run to the local craft store as had a really amazing coupon so I got one part of the belt for this costume. The local craft store sends out coupons about once a week so I feel like it’s a good idea to buy my projects one bit at a time so I can use a coupon on each bit. Saves me bit of money. And also it usually takes me awhile to do one project so it makes sense to me.  So I sew the side splits and I have this much left to sew and I bend the needle. Like seriously. So I change the needle and then my machine is like being weird and not matter what I do it’s sewing backwards. So in stead of the fabric being fed from front to back the machine is doing the reverse. So I end up turning it off and starting it up again. I had already re threaded the whole machine yet it kept catching. So at this point I’m ok I get the point take a break before you get annoyed. So I guess im done for the day. No wonder things take me forever to do. 


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