Princess Leia chronicles Day 3 

So day three is stating to look a lot like days one and two combined. As you know my small panic at the end of day two where I realized I needed 2 dresses cut out not one. So I’m unpicking the third sheet I have and sewing that to the remains of sheet two and ironing them, and then doing that folding thing again. And maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get it cut out, if I manage to do all this a little faster than I did the past 2 days. 

I also managed to sew one of the cut out dresses. If you haven’t figured out this dress is self lined and is basically the dress twice. So in order to sew the sides you need to unfold it to make a T shape. After you have cut the whole for the head. I did 4cm by 4cm (yes cm not inches here) it seems small but there will be a keyhole in the back. I want a little extra fabric to hopefully help with the collar when it comes time for that. You need to remember to leave the splits at the bottom of the dress. For my measurements I need a 19 inch split. Sew from the sleeves to the point of the split. Do this for each side. So four times. Below is a really bad diagram of my really bad drawing and even worse handwriting to kind of show you what I mean. 


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