Princess Leia chronicles day 2 

So today I started off ironing out the seams of the sheets. 

And then i pin together the edges so I know they are level this step isn’t necessary but I do it to make my life easier. 

I then foldeded the fabric in half and then in half again, and then realized I had done it all wrong so had to unfold and unpin everything. Refold and repin. I’ll show you have it’s meant to be done but I’ll also tell you every time I go wrong. Bear with me I’m self taught the basics and I’m still learning as I go along. 

So how to fold the fabric so you can cut out. It’s pretty simple but I’m a visual person and dyslexic so that’s why I went wrong. Basically you fold the length in half and then fold the width in half. Mine was alway s bit more completed because I couldn’t just fold the full length of two of the sheets sown together in half as I would have wasted a lot of fabric so I had to measure out using my pattern how much I needed to fold it half to get the length I would need. For most people you wouldn’t need to do this. But being almost 5’9 I had to. Do you need a diagram to show what I’m explaining? I’m really bad at drawing so hopefully this will help you. 

Then I pinned on my pattern. And that’s about as far. I got today. Which I know is hard to see, white pattern on white fabric. Who thought that was a good idea? 

So I cut out the above. And FYI, do this twice. Because I unfolded it to sew it up the sides which would be the next step and I started panicking because I’m like there’s only one. It’s a self lined dress there are meant to be two of them. Oh yeah wait a minute. Now it makes sense.  So don’t be silly like me. 


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