Princess Leia chronicles. Day 1. 

So I’m still keeping up with my couch to 5k that I started last week. But I’m starting to work on my Princess Leia cosplay. I’m going to do the best I can to take photos and show you each step of how I’m doing on it. It may take a few weeks as I only work in my cosplay/ sewing projects when I have a little spare time here or there when Kidlet is at school or if I’m lucky on one of my days off. 

So today I didn’t really do anything exciting. Because of my height and the way the dress is I needed to find the widest white fabric I could find. Unfortunately they don’t make a fabric wide enough for what I need, ( you’ll understand this more as the project goes on.) so I’m using flat sheets. Which give me the width I need and if I sew them together I can get the length I need. I just need to do this reall carefully as there are no seams in the body of the dress, if you look st the movie it’s one piece of fabric. 

So that’s been my progress so far. Below is a photo I don’t own giving an example of the dress I’m trying to make.


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