Busy/ relaxing Saturday 

Today was the first day of my three day weekend, which is rare for me. So I decided to get all the weekend jobs done and out of the way today so I had the rest of the weekend free to really enjoy some family time. So after being woken up by the Kidlet because daddy was out mowing the lawn and I “needed” to go help him. I went to help do some weeding in the yard for a few hours. Had a shower and then went grocery shopping, which take longer than you think as Kidlet now can’t eat gluten and the best place for gluten free is Trader Joe’s which is a 40 minute drive away. Why can’t they build a Trader Joe’s closer I don’t know, (hint hint).  And then the rest of the shopping at another store. It takes a while. And then came home chilled a little and then panned the “family dinner” that Kidlet had been beggging for all week. 

This weeks family dinner was a picnic up the canyon at one of our favorite picnic sites. After our dinner/ picnic it was home for a movie night, we are currently working our way through the avengers/iron man/captain America/ marvel catalog. So tonight is iron man 2. I have to admit we are not watching them in order just whatever we are in the mood for that night. So that’s been my day.


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