Blog challenge 

So I was checking out the base website of and came across a few interesting things. Like the postaday challenge which can easily be a postaweek challenge as well. And I thought that was a great idea. So here goes. As you know I try to post everyday but sometimes it’s hard to come up with something to write. Like I’ve said in previous posts I try to keep my posts positive, and I try to share with you as ouch as I feel comfortable sharing whilst keeping my privacy. 

So the run down of today, not much. Cleaned, worked on some crafts went to work, sorted out the library mishap I may have accidentally caused. Oh did I say mishap. Well not quite a mishap more a scatterbrained moment. So yesterday I returned all the library books we had in the house because I knew they were due back in about two days. Well today I get an email from kidlet’s teacher telling me that the school got a call from the library saying that I had returned kidlet’s school library book to the public library and that today was library day so Kidlet wouldn’t be able to get a new school library book until I returned the school library book. So I had to go back down the the public library, explain the silly thing that I did and then go to the school with the book. 

Luckily everything worked out and kid let now has a new school library book and we currently have zero books from the public library making keeping track of books easy for now. 


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