Belated post. 

My birthday was about a week ago. And my birthday for me is always hard. Growing up my family tendered to forget my birthday because of when it was, you see the rest of my family are all in May and June so begin the odd one out it was easy for them to forget. I also never got birthday cake frowning up, well I did if I baked myself one. 

As you know I work with a lot of teens. And for some I’m sort of a second mom for them a person they can talk to. Well  I went to work the day before my birthday and came in to this little surprise waiting in the managers office for me.  

It wasn’t labeled who form but I’m pretty sure I know who got it and they are an absolute sweetheart, a really really hard worker and such a kind wonderful person.  My boss is a awesome guy and gave me my birthday off even though I said I could work it, because he’s really nice like that. I didn’t do much to be honest. Had lunch with my mother in law and spent most of the day shopping for clothes for the Kidlet as Kidlet had out grown everything and I mean everything. So much for them staying small right! I also as part of birthday lunch had a treat at a place I had been wanting to go to for over a month and I have to say it didn’t disappoint. I had been wanting to go to Baked Bear. And they were super friendly and helped talk us through the whole how to do the ice cream sandwiches and also explained which items are gluten free or not. Kidlet is now gluten free. I’ll save that for another post. It was totally worth the calories. 

So back at work the next day and I got a sweet surprise. One of my coworkers had made a cake for me, and I have to say that kid can bake.  Not only it is taste fantastic it was what a cake should be moist, not oily and great texture that doesn’t crumble when you try and eat it. And the the cream cheese frosting was some of the best frosting I’ve had. 

We all know I’m not really one for being the centre of attention, I try not anyway, but it would appear that my coworkers were taking a page out of LOTR and the being Hobbits. And I found this meme that pretty much ended up summing up my birthday 

Because I work with some really amazing people. We really do care for each other and work as a team because we get on. I came in the day after the baked cake to this, another amazing this time cheesecake which I have to say is one of my favorites. I’ve not felt this loved and liked in a really long time. My co workers I appreciate each of you, you guys really are a amazing and there is a reason we are a second family for so many of you. 

So I would have to say all in all not a bad birthday this year, thanks to everyone for making a memorable one this year. 


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