I’m still alive. 

I know I’m terrible at this whole blog thing. I’m still here I just haven’t posted in a while. Life has been really really stressful. To be honest I’m not going to lie it has on occasion gotten the best of me. I’m around and still living. My kid is at school and doing ok. Work is going really well. I got promoted back in December. My marriage is great but life, can be overwhelming and has been lately. I haven’t been running due to injury, but working on some crafts. 

A few years ago I made myself a quilt out of old jeans and the last few year my husband and kid have been taking it for, me so they can snuggled with it. So I’m maki g a new one, it will be for one of them, I don’t know which one yet but for one of them. I need to get back into running but just when I think my injury is getting better it flares up again. Hoping to get there soon . 


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