Princess Leia chronicles day 6

Today is the day I start on the collar hood of the dress. I started out by cutting out the collar. I did mine twice so it can be the same thickness as the rest of the dress also that way it’s a little stiff so acts like a collar. I’m almost tempted to put some interfacing in it as well a I have a ton laying around from when I made my Rey cosplay. 

I also cut of the hood, 

After cutting out the hood the long edges need hemming. So roll the edges and stitch them. After doing the seams on the hood you need to do really big stitches on the un sewn edges so that you can pull the string and gather them in so it sort of look like this. 

It needs to be gathered enough so that one edge lines up with the mid shoulder and the other edge lines up with the keyhole opening. This would be a lot easier to pin on a body form but I don’t have one so ipthis is where it gets tricky. FYI the longer curve is the front of the hood. After you’ve inner the hood on pin the collar on and sew it all at once. Press it if you think it needs pressing and then put a hook and eye on the back of the collar. Then hem the dress. I’ll be hemming it tomorrow and also putting the hook and eye on tomorrow. Then I get to Star the belt the dres isn’t finished but I need the belt to do the last bit of the dress. Of course this took me forever because I pinned it perfectly thought I’d pinned it to the wrong side of the dress. Unpinned it turned the dress inside out. Re pinned it then realized I was correct the first time so had to redo it all again.  But like I said I’ll tell you everytime I screw up because I’m still learning. 


Working weekends. 

So no princes Leia chronicles today. Had to work all day and then we try to have a family dinner once a week. With my hubby and Kidlet.  So that’s pretty much been my day. Sorry not a long or interesting post but hey they can’t all be winners.  So my hubby being the Star Wars fan that he is got the original theatrical versions on DVD so we are currently watching the original followed by the special edition of each of the original three movies. So that’s been my evening 


Princes Leia chronicles day 5 

Today is the day to do the keyhole. So I’m thinking I’m going to do a 6 inch keyhole, because the girl who did the pattern that I’m attempting to follow did a 5 inch keyhole. And she’s a little shorter than me. The link to her better instructions are in chronicles day 4. So I cut the keyhole and then stay stitched the neckline to try and stop it stretching out, which is common for necklines if they are not secured. I also pined the seam allowance of the keyhole to the inside of each sid elf the keyhole and will sew them together adding a little extra stitching at the bottom of the keyhole to ensure that the bottom doesn’t stretch out or gets damaged and stays looking like a finished seam. 

Now the side seams turn to be done. Make sure the seams are on the inside. Your meant to them like the sleeves with the invisible seams. But as you all know I couldn’t figure this out for the sleeves so I’m going to make my life easier and do it the same way I did for the sleeves to save myself the stress. 

I’ve done one side seams, at least pinned it. This is taking longer than I thought. But I did run to the local craft store as had a really amazing coupon so I got one part of the belt for this costume. The local craft store sends out coupons about once a week so I feel like it’s a good idea to buy my projects one bit at a time so I can use a coupon on each bit. Saves me bit of money. And also it usually takes me awhile to do one project so it makes sense to me.  So I sew the side splits and I have this much left to sew and I bend the needle. Like seriously. So I change the needle and then my machine is like being weird and not matter what I do it’s sewing backwards. So in stead of the fabric being fed from front to back the machine is doing the reverse. So I end up turning it off and starting it up again. I had already re threaded the whole machine yet it kept catching. So at this point I’m ok I get the point take a break before you get annoyed. So I guess im done for the day. No wonder things take me forever to do. 

Princess Leia chronicles day 4

So here’s where it starts to get hard. I’m new to this whole thing. I’ve sewn a few things here and there over the years but never seriously. This would be the first time in my life that I’ve done back to back sewing projects.  And for this one I’m wondering if a body form would make things easier. But as I don’t have one of those (maybe one year) I’ll just do without. I’m also still getting back into running and working out. That’s going ok by the way and I’m up to week 3 on the couch to 5k program.  

So the dress is sewn together at the keyhole, the sleeves, the splits and the bottom hem. ( no I haven’t forgotten the keyhole that’s a stage for a little bit later). Now this sounds easy but the sleeves have no seam at the end. Which means they are sown together using an invisible seam. And right now is what I’m trying to figure out.  I understand the concept behind it but I just can’t figure it out. 

So I decided it’s ok if it’s not screen accurate and ended up doing this instead. 

So forgive me. Maybe you can get a better idea of how to do it from this person. This is where I got the pattern and the basic information on how to do it. I was going to link her blog at the end of how I did it. But she’s way better than me.

Don’t worry about what it looks like right now trust me it will look like a Leia by the end of it all. And that’s as far as I got today. 

Princess Leia chronicles Day 3 

So day three is stating to look a lot like days one and two combined. As you know my small panic at the end of day two where I realized I needed 2 dresses cut out not one. So I’m unpicking the third sheet I have and sewing that to the remains of sheet two and ironing them, and then doing that folding thing again. And maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get it cut out, if I manage to do all this a little faster than I did the past 2 days. 

I also managed to sew one of the cut out dresses. If you haven’t figured out this dress is self lined and is basically the dress twice. So in order to sew the sides you need to unfold it to make a T shape. After you have cut the whole for the head. I did 4cm by 4cm (yes cm not inches here) it seems small but there will be a keyhole in the back. I want a little extra fabric to hopefully help with the collar when it comes time for that. You need to remember to leave the splits at the bottom of the dress. For my measurements I need a 19 inch split. Sew from the sleeves to the point of the split. Do this for each side. So four times. Below is a really bad diagram of my really bad drawing and even worse handwriting to kind of show you what I mean. 

Princess Leia chronicles day 2 

So today I started off ironing out the seams of the sheets. 

And then i pin together the edges so I know they are level this step isn’t necessary but I do it to make my life easier. 

I then foldeded the fabric in half and then in half again, and then realized I had done it all wrong so had to unfold and unpin everything. Refold and repin. I’ll show you have it’s meant to be done but I’ll also tell you every time I go wrong. Bear with me I’m self taught the basics and I’m still learning as I go along. 

So how to fold the fabric so you can cut out. It’s pretty simple but I’m a visual person and dyslexic so that’s why I went wrong. Basically you fold the length in half and then fold the width in half. Mine was alway s bit more completed because I couldn’t just fold the full length of two of the sheets sown together in half as I would have wasted a lot of fabric so I had to measure out using my pattern how much I needed to fold it half to get the length I would need. For most people you wouldn’t need to do this. But being almost 5’9 I had to. Do you need a diagram to show what I’m explaining? I’m really bad at drawing so hopefully this will help you. 

Then I pinned on my pattern. And that’s about as far. I got today. Which I know is hard to see, white pattern on white fabric. Who thought that was a good idea? 

So I cut out the above. And FYI, do this twice. Because I unfolded it to sew it up the sides which would be the next step and I started panicking because I’m like there’s only one. It’s a self lined dress there are meant to be two of them. Oh yeah wait a minute. Now it makes sense.  So don’t be silly like me. 

Princess Leia chronicles. Day 1. 

So I’m still keeping up with my couch to 5k that I started last week. But I’m starting to work on my Princess Leia cosplay. I’m going to do the best I can to take photos and show you each step of how I’m doing on it. It may take a few weeks as I only work in my cosplay/ sewing projects when I have a little spare time here or there when Kidlet is at school or if I’m lucky on one of my days off. 

So today I didn’t really do anything exciting. Because of my height and the way the dress is I needed to find the widest white fabric I could find. Unfortunately they don’t make a fabric wide enough for what I need, ( you’ll understand this more as the project goes on.) so I’m using flat sheets. Which give me the width I need and if I sew them together I can get the length I need. I just need to do this reall carefully as there are no seams in the body of the dress, if you look st the movie it’s one piece of fabric. 

So that’s been my progress so far. Below is a photo I don’t own giving an example of the dress I’m trying to make.

It’s finally finished 

I’ve finally finished the denim quilt that I’ve been working on for about 2 months. I only get to work on it here and there around all the other adult stuff I have to do you know like work, clean the house, look after the Kidlet and exercise. So proud now I can finally move on to my next project. Which is my Princess Leia cosplay.  I had already drawn up the pattern for it but I need to make a few adjustments.

I’m wondering if I should to a photo blog log of me making the Princess Leia? Would any of you be interested in seeing that? 

Anyway here the finished quilt. 


So today I spent most of the day networking. Or at least begging people to share and invite friends to the event I’m doing for work.  So far a few friends have been great about it. I mean it take two seconds to share an event on Facebook. Others have taken time to invite there friends to the event. I appreciate all of it. 

No for getting posters and flyers made up. Not really my thing but I’m sure I can get it figured out. I mean I have flyer I just need like 500 more oh and make the flyer bigger so it can be a poster. Wish me luck