You know you’ve been over doing it

So as you all know I recently ran (I use that word loosely) my first marathon. Well I did some not very smart things to do following a marathon so here’s what I got up to and what I learnt in the week following my marathon.

So I was told by several people,to try and keep moving after your marathon to help with recovery. So taking these words as the truth I kept moving and moving and moving. The day of my marathon. I finically finished and we went and got lunch at this awesome place that I love. And I kept walking around while we waited for our food. When we got him I had a quick ice bath and hen got changed. I kept getting up every half an hour or so to talk around so to keep my muscles moving. I felt great. 

Sunday. The day after I hiked to the cave. Mount timpangos cave. We try to do this once or twice a week as a family. My kid loves it. It’s great cross training for me and my husband is starting to enjoy it as he resumes his weight lose program. I managed the hike I may have been a little slower than normal but I still did it, I even managed to do my strength training later that day oh I even helped mow the lawn. Monday and my return to work. I work on my feet always moving. I also ran and strength trained in the morning. Tuesday, I strength trained, ran and hiked to the cave again. I had the day off work which was nice. Wednesday was more running and more strength training followed by a shift at work. Thursday was a 2 run day with some strength training thrown in. My running was sluggish slower than normal but I just put it down to the fact that I had ran a marathon at the weekend. Friday was more of the same, running and strength training. 

My weekends are always busy and this one was no exception, I worked a mid shift on Saturday which meant I needed to get all my grocery shopping done before I started work, which I did, this was basically my REST day for the week. I just keep moving and moving. I like to active I like to move around. I do sit but when I do I’m usually doing something like writing a post or playing a computer game or doing something with my kid. So off to work I go and it’s a Saturday which means it’s a really busy shift for the most part. Which is great because I love that. 

Moving on to Sunday we get up early and hike to the cave again but this time I’m finding it hard. My breathing is off and I’m almost on the verge ofhaving an asthma attack. I’m really struggling to get to the cave which is totally not like me. We finish our hike and get changed. It’s father day and my husband and wanted to go see finding dory, it came out this weekend. This was what he wanted to do, so we did as much as we could that he wand to do before I went to work that evening. After the movie we had to mow the lawn. We have to mow the lawn every week. I was trying to help but again was struggling. My husband comes rushing over at one point. Makes me go inside and tells me to go lie down just stop moving around. I was physically exhausted .So I had a shower and took a quick nap before I went to work.

So basically what I learnt was, Yes keep moving but remember you need time to recover so take a few days off from running, take it easy, give your body some rest. 


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