You know you’ve been over doing it

So as you all know I recently ran (I use that word loosely) my first marathon. Well I did some not very smart things to do following a marathon so here’s what I got up to and what I learnt in the week following my marathon.

So I was told by several people,to try and keep moving after your marathon to help with recovery. So taking these words as the truth I kept moving and moving and moving. The day of my marathon. I finically finished and we went and got lunch at this awesome place that I love. And I kept walking around while we waited for our food. When we got him I had a quick ice bath and hen got changed. I kept getting up every half an hour or so to talk around so to keep my muscles moving. I felt great. 

Sunday. The day after I hiked to the cave. Mount timpangos cave. We try to do this once or twice a week as a family. My kid loves it. It’s great cross training for me and my husband is starting to enjoy it as he resumes his weight lose program. I managed the hike I may have been a little slower than normal but I still did it, I even managed to do my strength training later that day oh I even helped mow the lawn. Monday and my return to work. I work on my feet always moving. I also ran and strength trained in the morning. Tuesday, I strength trained, ran and hiked to the cave again. I had the day off work which was nice. Wednesday was more running and more strength training followed by a shift at work. Thursday was a 2 run day with some strength training thrown in. My running was sluggish slower than normal but I just put it down to the fact that I had ran a marathon at the weekend. Friday was more of the same, running and strength training. 

My weekends are always busy and this one was no exception, I worked a mid shift on Saturday which meant I needed to get all my grocery shopping done before I started work, which I did, this was basically my REST day for the week. I just keep moving and moving. I like to active I like to move around. I do sit but when I do I’m usually doing something like writing a post or playing a computer game or doing something with my kid. So off to work I go and it’s a Saturday which means it’s a really busy shift for the most part. Which is great because I love that. 

Moving on to Sunday we get up early and hike to the cave again but this time I’m finding it hard. My breathing is off and I’m almost on the verge ofhaving an asthma attack. I’m really struggling to get to the cave which is totally not like me. We finish our hike and get changed. It’s father day and my husband and wanted to go see finding dory, it came out this weekend. This was what he wanted to do, so we did as much as we could that he wand to do before I went to work that evening. After the movie we had to mow the lawn. We have to mow the lawn every week. I was trying to help but again was struggling. My husband comes rushing over at one point. Makes me go inside and tells me to go lie down just stop moving around. I was physically exhausted .So I had a shower and took a quick nap before I went to work.

So basically what I learnt was, Yes keep moving but remember you need time to recover so take a few days off from running, take it easy, give your body some rest. 


My first marathon

So this weekend I took part in my first marathon. As I’m writing this I still have mixed emotions about the day. Did it goes as planned, no it didn’t. Will I run another one, yes. I still have hopes and dreams for one day qualifying for Boston. And not to mention one day I’d love to go home to London and run the London marathon.

Training didn’t go as planned. There were a few set backs. For example. Day one of training my treadmill broke. Whic was fine but had to take training outside while I waited a week for it to be fixed, which isn’t the end of the world but we were in the middle of a deep freeze. I also for some reason managed to lose my running mojo. Lost my love of running and didn’t want to do it anymore. Which is totally not like me. I also managed to get sick like really sick, the take a whole week off work type sick and was on antibiotics which affected my performance. 

I trained but looking back probarly could have trained more, I should have done more strength training, more cross training, not been so lazy. But hindsight is a wonderful thing. And I will learn from these lessons and put it towards my next marathon which happens to be in 13 weeks. 

So here’s the breakdown of my first marathon. Let’s go back to a few days before th race. And trying to get everything set. First things first I had trouble syncing my headphones to my phone which is a problem because I use Pandora as my music and my headphones are blutooth so if I can’t get them synced no mucus for me. After trying for a almost 45 minutes I finally get them synced by resting them. The day before the race I pick up my packet which is totally fine. Nothing out of the ordinary. But my husband who had signed me up for this race. Got me the VIP package. So I was allowed to go to this fancy dinner the night before the race. My kid tagged along for the dinner, which happened to have a raffle. The organizers said I could put my Mike’s name in the basket as well as mine. So I did and my kid ends up winning. He only ends up winning his own fitness watch. No joke my kid is one lucky person. 

So comes the morning of the race. Everything is chill. Things are going fine. I wake up to my alarm. I have my coffee ready to go and I get dressed in my running. And the social media updates for the day start. With this the first photo/tweet for the day. Which said So this might be happening #firstmarathon #nerves #excitment #utahvalleymarathon2016

Double check I have everything and then drive to the bus pick up area. As a VIP I’m allowed to ride the last bus up to the start line. So I sit around waiting for the last bus. I personally don’t like getting to the start area to early usually because they are freezing and makes my anxiety about the race kick in. So I sat down and eat my pre race breakfast. This photos post was. Eating breakfast while waiting for a bus. #utahvalleymarathon2016 #firstmarathon #socialmediaoverload #sorrynotsorry 

I get on the what seems to be pretty much the last bus. And try to settle in for the what can be 45 minutes to 1 hour long bus ride to the starting line. I usually always have a book on me to read while I’m waiting around so that I’m not on my phone using up all my data or battery life. But this was my first marathon and I knew I was going to be posting about during either the race or afterwards. So the tweets started. The bus ride had its own tweet, or two. With, reading while on the bus. Brings back memories of school days #utahvalleymarathon2016 #daysofold. Followed by a few minutes later with, Why do all school buses smell the same? #utahvallrymarathon2016 #schoolbus #busride #gettingcloser.

I tend to use Twitter and  Instagram a lot for my crazy little one lines and funny pics. I use Facebook more for the serious stuff but to be honest sll my social media accounts are linked up so post on one it will show up on all of them. I’ve gotten to the point in life, that if you don’t like what I post you can unfriend me, unfollow me or whatever. This is me like it or not. 

So I finally get to the starting area, go to the port a potties before the start because you always need to do that and then take my first selfie of the day. This of course gets posted. With the following post Waiting for the start. #utahvalleymarathon2016 #firstmarathon 

As I got off the bus I made my way to eh port a pottie becUse it’s always best to go before the race starts. And I manage to find the place where all the pacers are hanging out. I start chatting with them and this nice guy who’s pacing the 5 and half hour group is saying I want to hang with him, and I’m like no thanks I’m aiming for 4 and half hours. And in my head I’m thinking if I’m running a 5 and half hour marathon then something is wrong. But of course hanging with the pacers gets its own tweet. Find pacing groups they get you pumped for the race. #utahvalleymarathon2016 #firstmarathon.

So I follow the pacers to the start line. And soon the race starts. I’m one of those people that for some reason I always need to use the potty  within the first mile and usually by mile 3 I have to go. So of course at the first stop I have to go and it gets it own tweet because in a rookie mistake I forgot to pause my Fitbit while waiting in line. Forgetting to pause watch at potty break #rookiemistake #utahvalleymarathon2016 

After the potty break I cough up with the pacing group with my goal pace and managed to stay with the pacer up to mile up till about mile 12 when I needed another potty break. After this I  just tarted to run my own race I tried to catch up up it just wasn’t happening. Mile 15 everything started to fall apart. There was yet another hill. I managed to train for a few hils but was not prepared for the amount of hills this course had. I mean it claims to be a fast downhill course so why am I running up hill so much? It’s also in the canyon of the mount isn’t sprung here so weather can be a but unpredictable. Mile 15 and the tweets really start at this point. Mile 15 #utahvslleymarathon2016. 

Soon after mile 15 pretty much somewhere between mile 15 and mile 16 my legs gave up and I couldn’t run anymore, this has never happened to me before. My legs started to cramps and no matter what I did they would not stop. So I tweet about that of course. Legs cramping. Time to blast the music.#utahvaleeymarathon2016 . So I start up my music and hope that helps me forget the pain and just push on. Around mile 16-17 I’m going up yet another hill and I get hit with the strongest headwind I’ve ever experienced on a run. This causes me to slow down because we all know you don’t run against a headwind beaded your wasting engery if you so I take the time to tweet about it . Strong headwind= forced to walk up hill #utahvalleymarathon2016. The tweets kept coming as the race got harder. The cramps in my legs just wouldn’t ease no matter what it was what I did. Being forced to keep walking I tried to keep moving, my goal time went out the window and my mantra changed to just finish. It doesn’t matter as long as you finish that still a huge achievement. 

Just found a quarter. Still fighting the feeling of wanting to cry. Mile 18 #utahvalleymarathon2016. The weather all morning had been great running weather. That was until mile 19.  Welcome the rain. Mile 19 #utahvalleymarathon2016. I just kept trying. Kept on walking kept on trying to run. Rocks in my shoe mile 21 #utahvalleymarsthin2016. 

Still fighting the urge to cry. Been wanting to cry since about mile 15. I always knew running s marathon would be s lot physically and mentally just he strength to finish would take a lot what I never realized was the emotional toll It would take on me. So by mile 23 I was on the verge of tears. So it prompted this tweet. No crying there’s no crying in baseball. Opsps wrong sport. #utahvallymarathon2016. I moved on trying run as much as I could I was losing time. The 5 and half hour pacing group caught up with me. At mile 25.  Mile 25 isn’t it over yet? #utahvalleymarathon2016. I managed to find the energy to run at this point. I wasn’t going to quit and I wasn’t going walk across the finish. I was going to finish strong. I know that seeing  one of my friends and her family at mile 25 helped. She managed to get some video of me and some photos of me. So here’s me at mile 25. 

At this pointI manage to keep running to the finish. I’m greeted at the finish chute by my loving husband, mother in law and kid. I have this little tradition that my kid always crosses the finish line with me. And this race was no different.  So here me and my little guy running the last bit to try finish. 

I got my medal, got a huge hug from my husband and burst into tears. Now was the time to let the emotions run. And I could finally call myself a marathoner. 

Might have taken me a week to write this post. Sorry guys.