Training update 

Today is Mother’s Day. Not that that really makes a difference. Today I had to get back on the wagon with my training and get my long run in. So today I ran  the furthest I’ve ever run, 18 miles. 

I’m actually really proud of myself. 18 miles in under 3 hours barley but still. So today is sort of a repeat of my birthday. Long run followed by a movie. 

It’s also been a family time weekend. Where me and the kid hiked up to the local cave and dos the first tour of the season. He loves the hike always asks to do it again. In fact we woke up early today to get my run in and he thought we going to go hike the cave again. So I think it’s something I’m going to have to do on a pretty regular bases. 

Some of the wildlife and scenes on my run today.