This could be bad 

I have this strange feeling I’ve had it before and it’s not a good thing. I think I’m losing my running mojo. This could be bad. When my first marathon is a few months off and I’m losing my love and enjoyment of running. 

It’s happened before and I can never remember how I deal with it. Because each time the solution is different. Sometimes it’s time to take a break. Not an option right now. Sometimes it’s just abandoning the training schedule and doing a few runs just for me. Sometimes it’s simple as signing up for a race to give me motivation

 Right now I have no idea on what to do. Maybe find a new training plan? I’m getting my runs in but they are slower than my usual pace. I’m not enjoying my them and I’m running just to get the miles done! 

So give me ideas people how do I get out of this funk?


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