Epic weekend.


Warning this is a very long post about my awesome family weekend. 

This may have been one of the busiest weekends ever but it was totally epic. So this weekend was the salt lake comic con fanexpericne weekend. Basically the smaller version of the comic con they have in September. And as a total geeky nerd I had to go. That plus my husband  and kid love con as well so we made it a total family weekend. It also just happened to be my birthday this weekend. 

So we started the weekend off on Thursday by hitting day one of the con. Gillian  Anderson had come a day early so it was great to get her autograph crossed off our list of things to do. I also managed to get my books signed by one of my favorite  authors. Christopher Palolini. He wrote the Eragon Inheritance series.   


Kid went to kid con. Had a blast. I love how salt lake always has a kid con just for the kids. They do workshops and build crafts like how to make a lightsaber and this amazing space training obstacle course, which I couldn’t keep kid out of. Thursdays  was also just about walking around taking in the sights.  

Friday was all about cosplaying and seeing all the vendors. Was hoping to try and hit some panels but it didn’t happen this time. Maybe next time. Kid went dressed as Batman and I was in my Harley Quinn cosplay. I made a few changes to it this time and I feel they went over well as was asked to photographed several times over the weekend. Kid loves walking around the con and seeing all the cosplayers. Getting pictures taken with them. Friday was very much our chill day just to do what we wanted.  


 We met the most amazing artist on Friday I love her work and my husband a really loves her work. She is amazing and we purchased her book and a few of her prints. Her name is Dawn McTeigue. Check out her work I’ll put a lik to her website in this post.  http://dawnmcteigue.com  

Saturday was meant to be casual day. I was planning on doing all my celebrity stuff in normal clothes but when kid asked you go as Harley and he wants to be Batman again what is a mom me at to do. So we went in cosplay again. And still got a lot of attention so I guess people like my version of Harley. For me cosplaying is about relating to a character. But also about personal interpretation so I like to but my spin on the character that I cosplay. I love Harley because she is very smart like myself but jokes around which is something I wish I could do more but im a little to serious most of the time. So she’s someone I relate to but also would like to be more like I guess. I only have the one cosplay right now but I have a list of cosplays that I plan on doing its just finding the time to get to them. 
So Saturday. Was also a blast. My birthday present from my wonderful hubby waste get Kate Beckinsale’s autograph and photo. Kid is a huge into the avengers and most days it a toss up as to who is his favorite Captain America or Hawkeye. So when they announced ajermey Renner was coming we of course had to get  kid get s photo with Hawkeye. After all he did meet ChrisEvans in September and got a high from him which he still goes on about to this day. First thing to get done on Saturday was to get Kate’s autograph. She signed my underproduced box set for me. Vampires and werewolves is kind of my thing but I have to say one of my all time favorite movies is serendipity. She was so nice. And the biggest and best highlight of the entire weekend was the fact that Kate said I looked fantastic in my cosplay. She was signing my box set and looked me in the eye and said you look fantastic by the way in her amazing English accent. Totally made my day and filled me so much confidence.  

Once that was done we had to line up for my photo with Kate. This went pretty smooth and was over really quickly. Again she was super nice. We had a spot of food to kill some time before we had to line up for our photo with Jeremy Renner. Jeremy was running late which is totally fine, I never blame the celebrities for running late because you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, he was actually at the children’s hospital visiting someone very sick kids. This is why you can’t get mad at the celebrity. I have to say that I may have only been in the room with Jeremy for no more than say two minutes but was really impressed with him. Anyone who’s been to a con knows that photos are over with in seconds. You get ushered into a room stand next to the celebrity get a quick hug s how are you and it’s one two three click and then ushered out again. But Jeremy was cool. He saw my kid, took time to talk to him make sure he was having fun and give him a big hug and then turned to me and said hi. It made my day as a parent that he really does care about his fans that are kids, he did this we all the kids that I saw him with and it really does make a difference. Shows you care and appreciate your fans no matter what there age.

 Moving on to Sunday my actual birthday. All I really wanted to was go for a long run, as you know I try to run a half very month and I haven’t had a chance to run the one for March yet so needed to get in before the end of the month t so I ran s half on my birthday. It also happened to be east so had to to she the Easter bunny come for the kid and do a Easter egg not and then husband really wanted to see the new batman vs superman movie so we went and saw that that as well. I may need to go back to work just to get a rest. 


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