Losing weight and being a girl

This may be a to much information post. Sorry guys (and guys in particular). But trying to lose weight or even maintain a weight within 5 lbs is hard and get close to weight goals and then the pms hunger kicks in and all you want to do is eat anything and everything in site. It’s literally pms don’t stand in the way of the fridge, freezer or  cupboards I need food non stop food. 

I always wondered why I gained 5lbs around my period. It’s taken months but I’ve finally figured out its because I can’t stop eating the week before. I try to be good but as most girl knows it’s so hard to ignore that plate of food your kid has finished eating, or the doughnut I the fridge. I try to get better during this wee but it doesn’t always work. So starting next month I’m going to try really hard to work on my pms eating  And I’d love to say this month but the box of dozen doughnuts that was in my house yesterday didn’t really stand a chance and most may not be here today. 
Time to detox and get back on the healthy eating cycle again. Pms is a real thing. It sucks we deal with it the best we can. We really do appreciate the men in our lives who put up with us eating all the ice cream and crying for weird and unknown reasons. We don’t mean to be emotional wrecks it’s the hormones you see. We wish we could control it better, but we can’t. Well at least the crying thing. Eating the last cooke or all the whole container or ice cream, I’m not sorry about that. 😛. 



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