The struggle is real. 

So you all know I’m trying to train for my first marathon, and then 13 weeks later I’ll be doing my second marathon. I’ve already done 2 official half marathon races and I’m trying to run a half marathon every month for a year as something on my bucket list. 

So yesterday when it was time to do a 10 miler I thought nothing of it. Yet I struggled after 3 miles. Maybe I wasn’t in a running mood, maybe I’m tired from work, maybe allergies were trying to kick my butt. Whatever it was I still got it done but was slow even for me. 

Why am I telling you this. Basically don’t give up. It’s fine to slow down even take a few walk breaks if you need to but the feeling of sticking with it and completing what you set our to do over comes all of that and is one of the best feelings ever.  



2 thoughts on “The struggle is real. 

  1. Oh I hear you on this! I did a 15-miler last weekend (my first) and somehow it felt SO MUCH longer than 13 miles. I got to mile 10 and genuinely felt like I was ready to finish, only to look at my watch and realise I had five miles left to go! Waaaah!

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