Biting off more than I can chew

Like most people I have goals. Goals in life, goals in work, personal goals, running goals,even goals for my family. But at what point do we have to many goals. 

I have a bucket list and try to get a few things crossed off it every year. Not always big goals but some are little goals. I have small and big personal goals. Goals to just make it through the day sometimes. But are we to much goal ordinated. 

For example just me for this year. I want to run a half marathon each month. Not official races just a personal half each and every month. I already have January and February down. Trying to figure out when I will do the one for March. This crazy idea is something on my bucket list. But on top of that I’m also training for my first and second marathons that I’ll be running this year and also trying to lose a few more pounds to get to my ultimate weight loss goal. 

We also have the healthy eating and the possibility of going vegetarian. But still doing more research into that. As a runner I need my protein so this is my main concern. 

In also have my work goals. Of succeeding and being great at my job. I also want to be a fantastic wife and mother. Finding time to fit it all in is hard. But it can be done. But what is the price we pay? 

Are we really doing to much? Putting to much pressure on ourselves? I know I’m not the only one out there who feels this. Or am I? 



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