I’m calling this the hulk.

So I made a recipe from the book I’ve chosen. You know the one I’ve chosen to make every recipe out of. Well today I had one of the “quickie” recipes. Very simple. 

Half an avocado, some cottage cheese and a little hot sauce, that’s it. It’s really very tasty. I forgot the hot sauce to start with and I have to say I personally preferred it with just a little salt and pepper without the hot sauce. Then again I’m not a fan of hot sauce. Later the avocado starts to mix with the cottage cheese as you eat it and it sort of turns into a green yummy mess. Which is why I thought I’d call it the hulk. You know, want some hulk for breakfast. Kinda sounds call. At least it does to me. So in my house this recipe will be called the hulk. Happy days. 



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