My Halloween wish

I know Halloween was yesterday. It was awesome and I’m sure we are all trying to recover from you sugar induced comas, and dare I say it’s officially the start of the holiday season. Starbucks no longer sells the anniversary blend coffee (the best coffee of the year) and shead a tear the PSL is gone for another year. Out with October and on to November, thanksgiving and then December and the jolly man dressed in red. 

But before we move on and leave Halloween behind us for another year lets just recap this years festivities.  I don’t know if it was just my neighborhood or what but I’m quite disappointed in the lack of Elsa’s and Captain America’s that went trick or treating. I was hoping to play the famous Halloween drinking game. You know the one where certain characters come to your house trick or treating and when they do you get to take a shot. Well one Elsa and one Captain makes for a dull night. Then also we all know how awesome the stuff I hand out is. So why is it I have to spend every year outside in my yard yelling at trick or treaters to come and get my awesome stuff? 

My wish is that one year word will get out at how awesome my stuff is and that I won’t have to go out there and tell everyone to come to my house. That one day people will actually just come to my house. I mean we have a great turn out don’t get me wrong. We get about 200 trick or treaters. But I do have to remind them to come to my house.  So my Halloween wish is that one year the trick or treaters will come by themselves, without me telling them to. Is this really to much to ask for?  


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