I’m calling this the hulk.

So I made a recipe from the book I’ve chosen. You know the one I’ve chosen to make every recipe out of. Well today I had one of the “quickie” recipes. Very simple. 

Half an avocado, some cottage cheese and a little hot sauce, that’s it. It’s really very tasty. I forgot the hot sauce to start with and I have to say I personally preferred it with just a little salt and pepper without the hot sauce. Then again I’m not a fan of hot sauce. Later the avocado starts to mix with the cottage cheese as you eat it and it sort of turns into a green yummy mess. Which is why I thought I’d call it the hulk. You know, want some hulk for breakfast. Kinda sounds call. At least it does to me. So in my house this recipe will be called the hulk. Happy days. 



I made these today

So I’ve been a little down these past few days, my depression was trying to get the better of me. But I am stronger than that an I will win the battle for now. So in order to help me fight I decided I needed to do a little baking. Baking and running are always things that help me. I know I’m great at chocolate based cakes but thought I need to get better at vanilla or white based cakes. 

So I tried a new recipe today. It worked out ok I think.  My coworkers seemed to have liked them. It’s just a simple yellow cake with a almond frosting. 

I’m still learing how to pipe frosting so they may not look the best but I’m getting better. 

When I don’t post

I when I don’t post it’s not because I’m ignoring any of you. It’s really not. I appreciate all of you for taking the time to read the dribble I try to call a blog. 

It’s usually because something has come up, I can’t get my thoughts straight, or I really can’t think of something to say. 

So don’t take it personally if I take a few days off every now and then. I’m just getting my thoughts together so I can write a few more awesome posts for you all.  Basically what the picture says. 

Found online. Not my picture. 

1st recipe. 

Today I made the first recipe from the cookbook that I’m planning on making every recipe out of. Thing is I forgot to take a picture of it, so I guess I’ll have to make it again sometime soon so that I can make a real post for it.  It was really good I would love to eat it again. So it’s really not a big deal. 

Thank you 

I just want it say a little thank you to all the people who have read and followed my blog. Thank you. It means so much to me. The smile that comes across my face with every post you like and the joy that fills me when I get a new follower. It’s the little things that makes life a little easier. 

So thank you, it means a lot to me that people like my weirdness and I hope are finding enjoyment from my sweet little posts. So thanks. I enjoy checking my blog in the morning whilst I drink my morning coffee. And before I get into the swing of the day so little friendly reminder. 

Picture found online. 

Taste testers 

So as you know I had this crazy idea to cook every recipe from one cookbook over the course of say a year. Well I’ve decided which book I’m starting with and need volunteers for tasters to eat the items that I cook  to let me know want they think. That plus I can’t eat that much food I’ll find the 90lbs I’ve lost over the past few years. And who wants to go from a size 1/2 back to a size 18? I would prefer not to. 

So if I have anyone interested in being a taste tester let me know.  

Picture found online not my picture. 

Running bucket list 

Like most people I have a bucket list. It’s fun or random things I’d like to achieve over the course of my life. And being a runner of course I have some running related ones on my list. The one I think I can probably get done first would be run a marathon as I have a race that I’m signed up for in September. So you’ll be hearing about that and how my training is going for that. 

The next one on my list that I think I can get done soon is to run a half marathon every month for year. Not this year but maybe next year. I just barley missed my half in October. Did a half in September and did one in June. But they don’t really count as not every month. 

But the half I did today that might count if I can get a half in every month now for the next year. So we will have to see how it goes.

    Not my picture found online. 

Month of gratitude 

It’s November and the start of the holiday season. It’s also the time of the year that we think of others and give thanks for the things we have in our lives. 

I have so much in my life that I am truly grateful for. I really do. There are people in my life that will never understand exactly how important they are or how much they have touched or blessed my life. There are people in my life that I owe a lot and will never in a million years ever be able to repay them for the kindness, support and help they have given me over the years. There are people that I owe my life to literally. For each and everyone of you I am turly and eternally grateful for everything you do for me, with me and because of me. 

Words will never be enough to express my gratitude that I have for you. Know that I appreciate each one of you and that I would not be the person I am today without each one of you. Thank you 

(Picture found online it is not mine I do not own any rights to the picture)

My Halloween wish

I know Halloween was yesterday. It was awesome and I’m sure we are all trying to recover from you sugar induced comas, and dare I say it’s officially the start of the holiday season. Starbucks no longer sells the anniversary blend coffee (the best coffee of the year) and shead a tear the PSL is gone for another year. Out with October and on to November, thanksgiving and then December and the jolly man dressed in red. 

But before we move on and leave Halloween behind us for another year lets just recap this years festivities.  I don’t know if it was just my neighborhood or what but I’m quite disappointed in the lack of Elsa’s and Captain America’s that went trick or treating. I was hoping to play the famous Halloween drinking game. You know the one where certain characters come to your house trick or treating and when they do you get to take a shot. Well one Elsa and one Captain makes for a dull night. Then also we all know how awesome the stuff I hand out is. So why is it I have to spend every year outside in my yard yelling at trick or treaters to come and get my awesome stuff? 

My wish is that one year word will get out at how awesome my stuff is and that I won’t have to go out there and tell everyone to come to my house. That one day people will actually just come to my house. I mean we have a great turn out don’t get me wrong. We get about 200 trick or treaters. But I do have to remind them to come to my house.  So my Halloween wish is that one year the trick or treaters will come by themselves, without me telling them to. Is this really to much to ask for?