It’s been a running kinda day. 

So this is my first real blog post from my new blog. Getting rid of the old one. Got fed up of struggling to post pictures on my blog. It should be that hard but apparently it is. So hoping this one is easier to use. 

So far so good. Liking how this site is so far. I missed blogging. I blog for me. In a way it’s a kind of therapy that I don’t always get from running. And we all know how much I love running. I feel that this can be a place to share some of the things I get up to and explain some of my tweets from time to time, maybe on occasion share a recipe or two as I love to cook and bake. 

So today has been a running day. You can tell from my tweets. 

 @ekendall84: That look your husband gives you when he walks past the treadmill and see your @ 9 miles. #running #thinksimcrazy   

And then 

@ekendall84: Husband comes back past treadmill again & almost @ 11 miles another crazy look.#runningismyhappy #hestillthinksimcrazy 😀

Any runners out there will know that you will get into a zone when running and today I was in the zone and felt great. I try to get 5-6 miles in a day if possible, but go further if I’m in the mood. Today I was in the mood. My husband is not a runner but is so supportive of my running. Like to the point of getting up early on the weekends and driving next to me on long runs to make sure I have water and entertainment gel and that I’m on track with my pace and everything. My last half marathon this September wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for his support. So I love him for that. 

He thinks I’m crazy when I do a run longer than 6 miles but he loves me anyway. 


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