Halloween might be a big deal

So in my house Halloween might be a big deal. We may not decorate like we do at Christmas but trust me we go all out. I like to think when it comes to trick or treaters we have the best treats. So much so that I have to set up an entire table just to fit all the goodies on. 

 I mean that’s just a picture of what I can fit into my huge caldron. There full size candy bars, bags of goodies, puzzles and balls for the younger kids. 

Then there are our pumpkins. Decided if your going to paint pumpkins then your going to do them in such an awesome way that you may just need to have the Avengers Assemble on my front door. Yeah you heard that we made the avengers line up out of pumpkins. IMG_4313I think they are pretty amazing. Even if no one else does. So basically you so know you want to come to my house trick or treating. 


Stolen from Facebook 

So I saw this today in my news feed and thought it sumed up perfectly my post from the other day about its kinda a running day. 

 In reality it’s kinda been a running week. Some weeks are like that. Then some weeks you struggle to even get 3 miles in. It’s just a fact of life and running. So I take what I can when I can get it. 

Halloween cupcakes.

I make an awesome cupcake. At least I think so so do a few people around me such as co workers, darling hubby and few acquaintances. I made these the other day. 

  And I thought they looked and tasted totally amazing. I’m trying to learn cake decorating.  I already know a few ways to make them better. But probably won’t be baking them for a while. It’s more cookie season in my house right now. 

Crazy cookbook idea

So I’m wondering would it be crazy to pick one cookbook from the few that I have and cook every single recipe in it? 

Not all at once but say one or two recipes a week? Maybe post my experience of each recipe on here? And give my views of each one? Either way it’s in my bucket list so I’ll end up doing it. But a little apprehensive about it. I think it would be a cool thing to do and as I really like cooking and baking it would give me a ton of experience. But is it a crazy idea? 

Just call me the cookie girl

I’m all for helping out family and a family member had a school fundraiser. They happened to be selling cookie dough. Now I may have a thing for cookies. And I love to bake put sometimes a girl may need a cookie and doesn’t have time to make a batch of cookies from scratch. 

So I may have ended up ordering some cookie dough thinking they were small batches of dough. So I ordered a few flavours that I really wanted. 

Well they arrived today. Let’s just say I could live on cookies for the next year. Shame it would mean I’d also find the 90lbs of weight that I’ve lost over the past few years. So I guess if you need cookies just give me a call. 🍪🍪

It’s been a running kinda day. 

So this is my first real blog post from my new blog. Getting rid of the old one. Got fed up of struggling to post pictures on my blog. It should be that hard but apparently it is. So hoping this one is easier to use. 

So far so good. Liking how this site is so far. I missed blogging. I blog for me. In a way it’s a kind of therapy that I don’t always get from running. And we all know how much I love running. I feel that this can be a place to share some of the things I get up to and explain some of my tweets from time to time, maybe on occasion share a recipe or two as I love to cook and bake. 

So today has been a running day. You can tell from my tweets. 

 @ekendall84: That look your husband gives you when he walks past the treadmill and see your @ 9 miles. #running #thinksimcrazy   

And then 

@ekendall84: Husband comes back past treadmill again & almost @ 11 miles another crazy look.#runningismyhappy #hestillthinksimcrazy 😀

Any runners out there will know that you will get into a zone when running and today I was in the zone and felt great. I try to get 5-6 miles in a day if possible, but go further if I’m in the mood. Today I was in the mood. My husband is not a runner but is so supportive of my running. Like to the point of getting up early on the weekends and driving next to me on long runs to make sure I have water and entertainment gel and that I’m on track with my pace and everything. My last half marathon this September wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for his support. So I love him for that. 

He thinks I’m crazy when I do a run longer than 6 miles but he loves me anyway. 

New blog 

I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Erica. I grew up in England near London and I moved to Utah a few years ago and now I live here with my family. 

I’m into many things. To many to list. But hopefully from my posts you’ll learn a few things about me. I blog for me. This is an outlet for me a therapy in a way. I post what I get up to from time to time and things that interest me, and sometimes stories behind my tweets and Instagram pictures. So if you like my blog keep reading. If you don’t. Then you don’t need to read it again.   This is me by the way . Hope you enjoy reading and getting to know me.